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Beauty Product Reviews


I've had problems with finding foundation because my skin is oily and dry! Plus, no matter what kind it is, it always feels too heavy on my face. So I turned to this powder in hopes of it absorbing the access oils on my face and not accentuating the dry patches I do have. WORKS LIKE MAGIC. The oily spots in my T-Zone are mattified but not in a fake unnatural way! I would easily refer this product to anyone!


Both my mom and I have been using these for years! They are only a dollar for two and last a really long time :) They go on really nicely and smooth and make my brows look so much better. I'll definitely keep buying these!

Long Lasting!

I've had this eyeliner for a while now and It really is quite amazing! The brush isn't that bad either! The only con I have with this product is that it's a little too thick for my liking, BUT, because of that I feel it lasts longer. I would definitely purchase this product again!


After reading a lot of reviews on this, I was super hopeful that I would love this! But alas, I have been quite dissapointed. I don't like how stiff the applicator tip is. I need a little flexibility with my liners and this does not have that. I know it says it's waterproof, and it is! But not being able to come off completely with makeup remover is a problem for me. I have to use makeup remover PLUS vaseline, which isn't so bad, but still a bit annoying. If i get too much on my eyes, it will find its was onto my lashes and clump them together. It's so awful trying to get it off of them and I'm left with red puffy eyes. I love all of Wet N Wild's products, but this was a huge miss for me.


I had an allergic reaction to some hair dye and it cause my hair to dry out and left me with a super dry itchy scalp! This stuff brought the life back to my hair and soothed my dry/itchy scalp! I still use it about one a month and it works wonders! Not to mention the scent of this stuff! It's so aromatic, i'd wear it if it came in a perfume!


I was in a rut and needed some liquid eyeliner, so for a dollar, I purchased this. Now, I am a huge fan of ELF products so I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed by this. Well, needless to say, I was wrong. It was very streaky, if that's the right wording. It took a couple of strokes before it really set onto my eye. Perhaps I just bought a bad bottle, but I was very disappointed with it. Over the day it did flake off the outer corner of my eye. Like stated above, perhaps I just bought a bad bottle. Overall, I am just going to stay away from this particular product.

Perfect for any skin type!

I have very fair skin, so when I break out, it's like there's a large neon sign on my face. My skin is also very sensitive, so finding the right cleanser has been a difficulty of mine for years. Luckily I stumbled across this on a video on youtube and just had to try it out for myself. Within three days there was a significant notice and the redness in my problem areas had gone down. After about 2 weeks, I hadn't gotten any breakouts! It's so soothing on your skin and really gets all that dirt off your face. I love this product so much and will continue using it. :)

This is my favorite fragrance VS has put out so far! It's very long lasting and smells beautiful! If you are a fan of floral scents, this is worth the money.


My favorite scent is the Homemade Cookies! I don't even have to light the candle to get that delicious aroma to fill my room! I own two medium sized jars and and they are still going strong since the fall :) I also fancy their Pumpkin Patch scent when it's in season! Over all, these candles are worth your money and will last you a long time :)


I have pretty dry lips and have a very difficult time finding something to help heal my lips and soothe them. I bought one of these on a whim and must say that I am in love! It makes my lips extremely soft and smooth and just feels so good when applying the product to them. I does tint my lips a tad bit as well, which I don't mind! I will continue to come back to this product as long as they keep making it. :)

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