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Beauty Product Reviews

The best ever.

After swatching these, I am drawn to Perversion and Retrograde and Eldorado the most. The wand is incredibly precise and thin, I haven't seen a liquid eyeliner brush as thin and I've compared it side by side with all of my other ones. It lasts forever and doesn't flake. Truly waterproof as well, the swatches on my hand lasted through the rain and several showers!

Natural looking eyelashes aplenty

First things first: I love the packaging so, so much. Now, the actual formula.... it's drier than the mascaras I tend to gravitate to: Voluminous is a lot wetter. This has lash serum in it, and I do think it works. But really, I am OBSESSED with the wand: it's SO SO GOOD and gets ALL of your lashes. I’ve been wanting a spiral mascara wand to try out for awhile as Voluminous’ wand annoys me ‘cause it’s so big, and Illusionist’s annoys me ‘cause it’s so thin. Ever since I got this to try out I've been in love with it. No other mascara I've tried has caught all of my lashes, it's like a hair brush for your lashes.

I feel like it catches all of my lashes and really separates them while lengthening. I won’t say it’s a voluminous mascara, but then it doesn’t advertise itself to be. If you like how wet Voluminous is you might not like this one. Also, Urban Decay Mascara’s tend to dry out VERY fast, just a word to the wise. I'm going to be using this nonstop indefinitely though, seriously, it's amazing.

Hmmm... different.

Urban Decay said they thought up the brush because of what they've seen at beauty pagaents; girls would spray toothbrushes with hair spray and run it through their brows. It's essentially the same thing, only more refined. I like this, the brush is small itself, but I think I ultimately prefer using the traditional mascara wand kind of brow gel. I don't think you get enough product on the brush for it to style your brows throughout the whole day.


I've got all of them, but my favorite is hands down Crush. Punch Drunk comes as a close second, but I love Crush not only because it's the perfect shade for me -- matches my hair wonderfully! -- but it wears beautifully, and lasts forever. The way it wears it a really beautiful gradient and just looks really elegant and not like, "Oh she needs to re-apply her lipstick." It's not drying at all, and you seldom need to reapply during the day. I drink a lot of tea and water throughout the day and I need to reapply once, if at all.

The other colors, particularly the ones with shimmer, are absolutely beautiful and really finely blended so although they have shimmer it's not gritty at all on your lips. They all stain nicely as well.

HG Foundation

I'm not a foundation gal, I prefer concealer, but I don't know how I lived without this before. The only thing that makes me sad is that it doesn't have a pump! Other than that, it never budges, and I sweat easily (tmi???), it lasts while all my other makeup might wimp out on me. Full coverage, flawless finish, seriously the best ever.

I love all of the colors and it's pretty much my travel palette because it has all the colors I like to use on a daily basis. I wish it had more of a variety of finishes but i think matte isn't really UD's forte anyway. I also dislike the packaging, it feels a little cheap to me and the magnet thing fell off so I have to be careful with the cover because it's basically fallen off. For these reasons I give this palette a star less than I would otherwise.

This is one of my favorite blushes, probably because I'm not a blush person and if I use it, I want it to be very natural and subtle and this is it. If you're just getting into makeup this is a good purchase because it's easy to blend and use whereas a cream blush or powder blush you need a brush to apply and how to use it. This is simple to use and natural looking on my fair skin.

I have really fair skin - NC15 or lighter, depending -- so I have to have a really light hand using bronzer for fear of looking hallowed or corpseish or you know, weird. I don't really like the blush, I dislike shimmery blush because I tend to look like a Cullen with any hint of shimmer on my face, but the bronzing powder is nice and I'm happy I purchased this because now I'm not as afraid to look for a bronzer that I love now. I feel like overall the duo is powdery and you need to really blend though.

Depends on what you get

I have a small collection of these polishes, but the quality of the polish really depends on the color you get. I find that all the green's stain my nails badly, some polishes can be incredibly runny and need a trillion coats, but some are the perfect consistency and often only need one coat and last a very long time. Compared to Zoya or Orly etc, I find these last just as long if not longer when compared without topcoat. I'm lucky enough to be able to buy these polishes for .99 at a wholesaler liquidator so I'm really happy with the quality for the price.

Pretty much the best eyeshadows on the market. Blown away by the packaging, the value, the quality of each shadow. None have ever come short of perfection for me. If I could, all my eyeshadow stash would be Inglot!!

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