Urban Decay

Urbanbrow Styling Brush and Setting Gel


Yomaira C.
Goodbye kinky hair!!

My eyebrows grown downwards and also tend to stick out in weird areas. This gel puts those kinky little hairs in place and they won't budge either! I totally recommend this as a must have ;) (i like to use the gel along with urban decay's brow tinter/filler)

Theresa G.
Hello gel bye bye wax!

I am no longer going to use my eyebrow wax to set my eyebrows. This gel sets my eyebrows and doesn't leave them feeling stiff and nasty. The gel puts them in place and leaves them soft. Almost like a conditioner : )

Andrea M.
Makes every hair stay in place.

My eyebrows sometimes go every which way in the morning from my pillow the night before. This helps them look more uniform in appearance plus they stay in place all day. The gel doesn't dry hard like a hair gel or anything, and I hardly notice it's even there. Another one of my must haves for my make up bag, great stuff.

Janet M.

I like this brow gel. The only other brow gel I’ve used was from Tweezerman. When this product is applied to my eyebrows, it doesn’t dry stiff, and it doesn’t flake off. I also wish that they made it with a mascara brush.

Arabelle S.
Hmmm... different.
Photo of product included with review by Arabelle S.

Urban Decay said they thought up the brush because of what they've seen at beauty pagaents; girls would spray toothbrushes with hair spray and run it through their brows. It's essentially the same thing, only more refined. I like this, the brush is small itself, but I think I ultimately prefer using the traditional mascara wand kind of brow gel. I don't think you get enough product on the brush for it to style your brows throughout the whole day.