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Michelle A.

The colors are beautiful and pigmented though the pink one isn't very bright while on skin, it's somewhat like a translucent pink color when you applied it. Oil Slick is my favorite color, it's very pigmented and shimmery! The brush provided is quite high quality. And the eyeshadow primer potion is just superb!

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Jen M.
Like wearing Fairy Dust!

I got this Urban Decay Eye shadow Palette for Christmas and I don't know why it has taken me so long to review this item. This my second Urban Decay product I have, the other being the NYC eye shadow palette, which I also love! I really like Urban decay products, because firstly I love the fact that they don't test on animals, also because the quality of the products. I find that with the use of the Urban Decay primer, these eye shadows do really last for ages. This is because of the quality of the eye shadows and I have found that with these eye shadows, they are very durable and they do not wear off easily.

Like all Urban Decay Eye shadows, the product themselves are easy to apply to the eye-lid. The products is easy to blend into the eye-lid and the eye-shadow is of good quality, so that you don't need a lot of the product for good coverage.

"Gorgeous AND eco-friendly! Ten dynamic Eyeshadows, a cruelty-free Eyeshadow brush, AND a travel size bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion."


The outside of this palette has a wooden lid which, it states on the back, is made from Bamboo. The lib has a lovely design on it which has swirls, butterflies and also in black writing it says Urban Decay under the design.

The lid then swivels around to open up the palette to reveal the eye shadows. Inside the palette there is a small rectangular mirror, which is very handy if you are taking this palette travelling! The is also a small eye shadow brush, which I fins great for precision application of the eye shadows.

----------------------------------------------- The Colours

YDK Flipside Grifter UZI Twice Baked Midnight Cowboy Rides Again Flash Oil Slick Kiddie Pool Half Baked

I really liked all of the colours, but there are a few that are may 'be a little different, so I wouldn't particularly use them quite that often. Flipside is a green colour and although it is a lovely vibrant colour, I personally wouldn't use this colour on my eyes.

The other colours in the palette I have used and some are very much worn down because of using them frequently. My favourites in this palette are 'Midnight Cowboy Rides Again' and 'Twice Baked'. They are both colours that I wear together and are the types of shades that I would often wear.

Each of these shades have a glittery tint in them. I really like this fact and the glittery tint makes the shades lovely and pretty when you apply then to you eye-lid. You can see the glitter much more in some of the shades than others, such a UZI (white) and Oil Slick (black). The glittery can at times be a little messy, but if used carefully, this is not a big problem! I really love have a sparkly glittery shade on my eyes, and with this product it is like wearing fairy dust!!


Along with the eye shadow palette you also get a small, travel size tube of eye primer. I love this eye primer and swear by it! I use this eye primer everyday and I also have a bigger size tube of this product. I find that my eye shadow stays on 10 times longer when I use this eye primer.

I know that Urban Decay products can be on the expensive side, but I really do believe that they are worth spending the money on. When buying any Urban Decay product, you are really buying quality that it hard to fault. I usually receive Urban Decays products at Christmas, for the simple fact that they are a little expensive for me to buy myself, so my friends and family just buy me them instead.

I would definitely recommend this product looking for a great quality, long lasting eye shadow palette. And there are plenty of different shades with this product so there is something to suit everyone!

You can purchase this palette from Debenhams for £22.50 which is actually in Sale right now, down from £27.00. Here is the link, so you can have a look for yourself....


Tryphena L R.

Absolutely great. In addition to the Ammo palette, this is also my fav because it has Adam Lambert colours as well. It's great for nights out. Shimmery and bold brings attention to the eyes.

Ali R.

The shadows are fantastic and the case is pretty cool, too. I don't really like how it opens but other than that, it's awesome. Some shadows do have chunky glitter, but I plan on getting Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue for those. I'm sure once I have that, I'll love this palette even more! :D

Jacqueline U.
Great colours!

I love the colours in this set! It is so versitile for a set with only 8 colours. I can use the black as a liner with the sparkly gold on top, or use the blue and turquoise to do an underwater beachy theme. I would definitely buy it again.

Karen P.

This was my first UD product! I love all the colors and the pigmentation of all of them is great! I love to use oil slick on top of liquid line to not only set it but to give my liner a little sparkle.

Ashley D.
My favorite palette!

My best friend bought this for me as a gift almost 2 years ago. I use it all the time and it's still going strong. The only color I've run out of is Half Baked, which I intend to buy a big pot of. I love their colors and pigments and it makes a lot of pretty combinations!

Heather M.
Photo of product included with review by Heather M.

I am a huge fan of gold shadows and this palette has several. I love it. It also has the highly adored Twice Baked shadow. Definitely well worth the price! I used this palette in the picture (sorry it's sideways). :)

Claire G.
Gorgeous colors!

These shadows are wonderful! The pigments are so deep that just a little goes a long way with these. The brown, black, and purple all make great liners as well! The blue-green called "Flipside" is the hardest color for me to pull off but, when layered with the gold "Half Baked," it looks great! This is definitely one of my favorite shadow palettes.

Amber B.

These eye shadows can be worn in many different combinations. You a do a fun, funky look, or you can tone it down with a neutral look. I have to say that the only downfall about this palette is that a few of the colors are loaded with some chunky glitter. I don't mind the glitter too much, I wipe the fallout off after I apply the shadow, but this might annoy some people.