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Lovely & Very Moisturizing

I am in love with this brand of lipstick, even though it is on the pricier side. I got a sample of it a few months ago in the shade "Copper" and I am just getting around to trying it. It is so smooth in application and quite longlasting. The best part is that it doesn't give too much color, but just enough to give you a nice tint to your lips. It's also quite moisturizing! I will be buying a full size!

Very good product, but also very expensive

It defintiely does what it says it does. My face is definitely smoother in terms of texture and my skin tone has evened out quite a bit. I love how quickly it works. I saw small results in a matter of about 4 days of using it. The only issue for me is the price, but I am not disagreeing with the how they priced it. It is definitely worth the money. I just can't afford to purchase this every month. :)


This blush is amazing! It complement every single skin tone... It looks so good on my complexion and it truly is long wearing. I can really appreciate a brand that takes the time & effort to commit to making products that enhance the features of all complexions. Kudos to Tarte!

In Love

I am so in love with this scent. I cannot believe that I have been sleeping on it for so long! I'm not good at describing how things smell, so I will just say this... It is not an old lady perfume. No grandmas around here. It is a very sexy, luscious scent that screams foxy & feminine. I need to go back and get me a bigger bottle because the one ounce I got is going to disappear. And fast!


How serious was Smashbox about these lipsticks?! They are so amazing! So creamy. Even my favorite, which is a matte (Infrared Matte) is creamy as it glides on. I was tempted to just skip out on the other colors, but I also picked up 2 more shades: Legendary & Fuschia Flash Matte. Such a great quality lipstick.

Just a word of advice, and not just with these lipsticks -- if you are going to use matte lipsticks, please moisturize your lips immensely. Otherwise the color will grab onto the cracked skin and live in those areas, which will make your lips look not so luscious :)

very beautiful glow

I bought this product about 2 weeks ago because despite being an oily individual and the fact that I use mostly matte products, I like a little shine and I didn't want all of it to disappear. This product is amazing in giving me a healthy, pearl glow. I was a bit hesitant because I didn't want it to make me look lighter than I am. But I did want something to complement by complexion. This does that tenfold. I pat it on my upper cheekbones and up the sides of my face for a slightly dewy look. It is fantastic and am so glad I picked up this product :)


These are fantastic! So moisturizing. Some are more pigmented than others, but the colors that are highly pigmented look absolutely amazing. I love Raspberry Pie & Red Velvet. Those look amazing against my skin tone. I have 12 of the colors and I love them all. But those 2 are my favorite. The only issue is that they do not last long. But that is not a real issue for me. It's a drugstore product, so I didn't expect high end longevity. But Revlon has really knocked it out of the park with this product.


I just bought the product about a week ago. So far, I love it. Excellent coverage and great primer. I am very oily, so I have been monitoring throughout the week in regards to oil control... so far, so good. We shall see how this product does over a longer period of time :)

My favorite base!

MAC paint pots are frickin' insane! I just began using these about a month or so again and I will never look back! They prove to be great as a base or even as a single shadow color! I have Constructivist, which is my favorite and Blackground. My next purchase is going to be Quite Natural. They creaminess and ability to apply with my finger are double bonuses! Love, love, love!

Smooth like butta!

I absolutely LOVE this polish. I have read tons of reviews on it, which finally prompted me to buckle down and buy a $14 nail polish. What quality! Totally worth the buy. I bought 3 colors and the base/top coat combo pack. I just stopped wearing acrylic nails, so I needed a good quality nail polish to help me feel better about my weak nails and perhaps protect them a bit more until they grow out. Love it! Great colors, it only takes 2 coats and they dry extremely fast, which I love -- because I don't have time to sit still for 15 mins... Great find!

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