Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

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Dawn C.
This is the real deal!

I finally broke down a bought this about a month ago. It does exactly what it says on the packaging. Smashbox and Maybelline are the only two companies selling B.B. Creams that offer options for people who are darker than just light and medium.

While I like Maybelline's version, Smashbox is wayyyyy better. I don't have to apply anything to my skin before this product. I literally wash my face, apply the b.b. cream and go. It smooths out my complexion with one light coat. I only apply a light dusting of transculent powder to my t-zone and I'm set for the day. It lasts me about 8 hours and has not irritated my skin. You can easily build this up for a full coverage look (you'll need to add a powder on top).

The price tag is my only complaint. It does not need to be as expensive, but you don't need alot to get good coverage.

I wear Revlon Colorstay in a Carmel/Cappuccino mix, Mac in NW45 and MUFE in 173/175. The color (dark) is spot on for my skintone. You can't tell that I am wearing anything when I have this on, it makes my skin look beautiful!

This is a definite win for me. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works when the weather gets cooler and drier.

***EDIT*** I'm still loving my Smashbox BB Cream, but now that my skin is in it's 'winter phase' the color is not as great of a match as last summer. If I wear it alone, it washes me out. I can correct this easily with my powder but shouldn't have to do this. It still has wonderful coverage and I have not had any breakouts with this product. I guess I'll just have to keep this one for the summer months. Thankfully Iman has finally come out with a BB Cream exclusively for women of color that I can't wait to try!

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Christina Marie M.

I just bought the product about a week ago. So far, I love it. Excellent coverage and great primer. I am very oily, so I have been monitoring throughout the week in regards to oil control... so far, so good. We shall see how this product does over a longer period of time :)

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Lauren H.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BB CREAM! The coverage is great and build-able. It's pretty good with oil control as well. I also like to use it as a primer under my MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID NC 50 foundation for a flawless look.

Shelley W.
Well Worth it

I've been using this for awhile now and I love it. I received a spray tan from head to toe for a fitness competition and while I was mixing medium and dark I discovered after the bottled tan that I needed to only use the dark shade. I didn't go super dark with the spray just gave me a nice bronze glow so when I applied the BB cream I was blown away. I normally get a little darker in the summer so I totally see myself only needing the dark for summer time and maybe mixing in the medium for winter. I did receive a few zits along my jawline but they were so minor that it just took a tab of acne cream to see them gone by morning. I also noticed that if I applied my regular moisturizer before the BB cream it made for a difficult application so now I skip that and apply the cream over my vitamin serum thus making it ten times less difficult. Today I set it with Too Faced Invisible Transolucent (oops forgive the misspelling) Powder (compact form) and my face looked fresh all day.

Nicole M.
My Review

I bought this product over a month ago and have used it every time I put on any makeup. I made a full out review on my youtube channel I also featured this product in my foundation routine! I'll link both videos below-

Shelley W.
Mix Master with Dark & Medium

I wasn't convinced that medium would work perfectly with my skin so I asked for samples in both dark and medium at Sephora. I mixed the two I received a perfect match. I didn't set it with powder and my skin stayed shine free for over 10 hours. Nor did I use concealer and it diffused all dark circles and acne scars. The real test will be if it breaks me out or not....gotta give it a few days before I make a finally decision. But if it passes the irritation test then I will buy both and continue mixing.

Pro: Shine free for 10 hours Pores? What pores....nonexistent Perfect match No ashy two toned look at the bottom half of my face No fragrance No need for concealer or primer


Have to mix two shades to get a perfect match Quite thick to work with FYI immeditely after applying your skin will have a funny looking cast to it but after about 10 minutes it goes away.

Veronica M.

I love this bb cream! It is the only one I use and have tried. It actually matches me perfectly, so I never wear it under foundation. I wear it a lot in the summer but I also wear it in the winter as well. I never prime or use a moisturizer, I just make sure to have a really clean face. This bb cream does give a dewy/glowy finish so if your not into that just use powder (I use mac) or use a different product. I gave it four stars because they have shades for people who are between light and medium and that there should be a deeper shade because it would be nice for more woman to wear it alone.

Janelle G.
My Go-To Summer Product

I got a sample pot of this product from Sephora and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a little bit goes a LONG way with this BB cream. This plus a bit of concealer and powder gives me the perfect summer face for my combination/oily skin. The spf is definitely great too!