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My favorite brush

I don't have to say much here my favorite brush EVER. Does exactly what its suppose to and a brush I find a way to use in every eye look. I you ask me if I got my moneys worth from this brush. Then I probably would have to say the brush was free if I divided how much have used it by the cost. Did I mention I LOVE THIS BRUSH.

Love sets

Shiseido is an amazing line from skincare to color. But with them being up there in price i do suggest trying the gift sets first and they really truly are enough for you to get a good sense of what its like and i am pretty sure it is enough to qualify you for a gift during there gift time and them you can try more than one line.

I personally love

I personally love this product they are amazingly soft and do not come apart on your face. I do however consider them to be a luxury more than a must have.


it seems like a scary color but its easy to wear and i love it i even eat dont have to reapply really love the long wear formula and love this color for day if done right ir even to spice up your look at night.

not s fan of this

Not a fan of the primmer I do not like the smell or the sparkle in it. It irritates my skin. I mean if you just want to prime your face its okay but i feel there are better out there and I love mac.

In Love with PIGMENT :) seriously

I love there pigments because you get a lot of bang for your buck And by that not only do I mean the size of the product which seriously can last you for years. But i mean the quality and multitude of use's in which his product can be used. 1. Apply to eyes and shadow 2. mix with foundation to achieve a certain look. 3. apply after foundation application and use as a face powder/finish for certain looks 4. use as blush 5. mix with clear nail polish to make nails that color or colored nail polish to create new color 6. mix with mousse or gel to temporarily color to hair 7. mix with gloss, chaps-tick, or lip base to get unique lip color. 8. if you know how to mix colors with there color choice and textures of pigment the possibility could be limitless.


I love the free shadows because there cheaper and there the same ones you get in the pot. I also love the pallets because they keep me from breaking my shadows when traveling. Often times I place multiple shadow in a makeup bag and by the time I arrive to my destination I am sad to find my shadows broken from clanking together in the bag.

okay product

I Like the product and use it but to be honest its just something extra to by. I would suggest it if you just had extra cash to burn but not something i would rave about. To be honest it does what can be done with one of macs studio concealers applyed to your lips.

Not Necessary

I once again must say i love some stuff by mac but i have tried better brush cleaners and this stuff is good for quick use but can dry out your brushes after extended use. and as much at brushes cost we want to preserve them.. Its okay quick but i'd still rather have clean them with soap free, fragrance free baby shampoo.


i really do love fix + but the problem i have with it is that for the price you could simply mix glycerin and water together and get the same results. I love mac and I have so much of there stuff But this is good to set your makeup after your finished, spray on brush before touching pigments (or regular eye shadow) for longer wear and better application., or simply touch up the face.

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