Lip Erase


SutherlandArtistry D.

I love this product!! I love how it erases even the most bright red natural lip color and turns it into a nude pout. It is my go to product when doing a nude lip or even a bright bold lip. It allows for the true color of your lipstick or lip products to be seen.

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Hallie H.
Holy Cow... Totally Worth It!

What could I not say about this stuff? I absolutely love it! It definitely helps to keep the lipstick on your lips. I have noticed that others have had trouble with it because of it drying out your lips, but here's what I do: Get a simple lip balm (I use Nivea with Olive Oil - can be found at a local drug store) and put it on a few minutes before applying the lip base. Next, apply the lip base to your lips. To help prevent the lipstick from slipping, I use a lip pencil along the outline of my lips to help keep the lipstick in place. Go ahead and put the lipstick on, and viola! Beautiful lips.

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Myrna P.

This is something I really wanted and for a long time. I was always on the prowl to get something that would neutralize my lips before applying a lipstick or lipgloss. I am so happy that I have discovered this on my own before Beautylish or Google. :) I would definitely recommend this, unless you have dry lips. You might want to put on some chapstick a few minutes before.

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Heidi C.

pretty drying on my already dry lips. could do with just applying foundation over. i tried applying a lip balm underneath this but then when i apply a lipcolour over the top it slips. i now use a bit of lipbalm then spray dior airflash foundation onto a finger n dab on lips to erase. i find this more effective.

Jessica H.
okay product

I Like the product and use it but to be honest its just something extra to by. I would suggest it if you just had extra cash to burn but not something i would rave about. To be honest it does what can be done with one of macs studio concealers applyed to your lips.

Amanda K.
lives up to its name.

if you're looking for a product that will "erase" the lip area, this is it. im aware that many people would think, "why not just use concealer?" To me, the answer is, because concealer dries and cracks on my, and many others' lips and the surrounding area. Since this is rather waxy, it adds moisture while paling out the lips. It comes in 2 shades, i use the darker shade [even though im very light], and its excellent. i have also used it on other women with skin that ranges from very light to medium dark, and had no problems.

Bottom line: its a great product that holds true to its promise, but i would say if you only need to "erase" your lips very rarely, you could get away with not having it in your collection and use your concealer. I prefer this though!

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