Pro Longwear Lipcreme


Leslie Anne M.

I really love MAC Lipstick. And this shade makes me feel like a goddess of beauty. The perfect word to describe this lipstick is PINK POWER. You can use it on day and night. So girly and kikay! I want to try their other shades. SOON! PINK RULES!!! <3

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Tiara R.
love it

i love wearing this and i put mac's c thu lip glass over top perfect product to wear when i want a litttle color on my lips and i love the finish it gives when applied

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Michelle D.
Beautiful Shade

I gave this 4.5 stars only because it tends to be a little sticky during the first few minutes of application. This lipstick is long lasting and the color Dear Diary (sorry limited edition) is very pigmented. I was convinced to purchase this since it was a close match to the infamous CYY from the Quite Cute collection. I loved the packaging it's sturdy and small. The color pay off is amazing and it's not drying at all. I recommend this for ladies that don't like to reapply lipstick every hour. Trust me it will last even with eating and drinking.

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Juvy V.
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I just recently bought this and absolutely love it. It lasts, which is great especially for a dark shade. I don't want to have to keep reapplying throughout the day.

Jessica H.

it seems like a scary color but its easy to wear and i love it i even eat dont have to reapply really love the long wear formula and love this color for day if done right ir even to spice up your look at night.

Sofia M.

I really like these lipsticks. I purchased one especially for my cousin's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and I needed to look PERFECT which means all my makeup needed to last from the morning til the evening. I believe the color I picked up was Unlimited which is sort of a berry pink. It did the job exceedingly well. I don't think I ever needed to touch up (and by the time I would have needed to I was too buzzed anyway :P) They are expensive at $19 but if you need something the last you the whole event this will do the job. I look forward to purchasing more soon :)

Toshira A.
Love Forever

I have the wonderful hot pink 'Love Forever' and I absolutely love it. It's nice and creamy and doesn't dry out my lips throughout the day. I didn't have a problem with it smudging off either. It does not feather and I love that!

Erin N.

I have it in the color "Till Tomorrow" and I feel its the perfect nude for those who want a little color. Its creamy and not too drying. I abs love it, and it doesn't hold up as long as other long wearing lipsticks I own but it will last to about 4 hours without smudging off, unless you eat? But I truly love this line of MAC lipsticks the texture is amazing

Kiara R.

love it! beautiful colour and stays long, can fall into creases on lips though so make sure you use a scrub or something before. Also I'd recommend using mac's lip glass over it, adds a nice shine :)

Rachel P.
Awesome and long lasting, but some shades are really drying.

I own this in Dress It Up, Soft Sell, Good to Go, and Prolong. I would give every single shade a 5, except for Prolong because it is SOOO drying, even with a primer and lip balm underneath. It actually shrivels up my lips, making them look smaller. I have to carry chapstick around with me to bring life back into my lips. With that being said, I may have to carry around a chapstick, but I do not have to carry the lipstick with me because the pigment is still there.