Eye Shadow/ Pro Palette Refill Pan

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Nicole A.
ooh this color

I'm very picky in the blue toned shadows, I hardly ever wear them, but this blue is quite unique it's kinda navy but kinda a bit in the dark purple range as well, it's matte and super pigmented. This is again one of those colors that goes well with any look from neutral to avant-garde, I like to personally use it for a lid shade with swiss chocolate shadow for crease, or the same way but switched around. It looks beautiful with all browns,purples and other various blues. If your like me and have a hard time liking blue this is a definite win and worth a try (:

Nicole A.
my favorite Mc shadow ever

If you don't own this color then please get it...This matte burgandy/purple/red is the most pigmented I own in this shade's also quite unique I've yet to find a color similar I own alot of this color range but always reach for this one the most. It can be played down with neutral or played up with mac cranberry or Indian ink (also one of my favorites ) and stays put all day....this is one of those life of makeup changing shades truly unique and beautiful (:

Jessica H.

I love the free shadows because there cheaper and there the same ones you get in the pot. I also love the pallets because they keep me from breaking my shadows when traveling. Often times I place multiple shadow in a makeup bag and by the time I arrive to my destination I am sad to find my shadows broken from clanking together in the bag.

Emily K.
just As Good as Regular

A cheaper and better version of ther regular e/s IMHO Price: $15.68 CAD Colour: Antiqued- pure copper(think shiny penny minus brassiness); golden shimmer w/sheen Sumptuous Olive- olive green/khaki dirty brown Romp- medium dark golden brown (minlk chocolate) w/golden shimmer Satin Taupe- silvery taupe w/lavender undertone; almost metallic Pigmentation: medium to full Texture: creamy Antiqued is my fave colour out of all of these. I plan on buying more of these and a palette to house them

Thorunn Sif T.
Quick and easy access to all your shadows.

I would say this is a must have and I lovelovelove them! I have both the 2x2 and the 3x5 palettes and I've filled them with all my favorite colors, before I went to makeup school I only had the 2x2 palette as a MAC artist recommended that I bought one and just bought the refills to put in it since it's way cheaper here in Iceland than buying the pot type. I got the bigger one along with some more shadows in my kit from my school and I would say that one is more convenient if you want to have many shadows. I don't regret switching to pans and I will probably never buy the pot one again, I've depotted the old pots and just put magnets on the back so it looks like the refill. This gives you a quick and easy access to all of your shadows and you don't risk losing one or more pots if you're not that organized.

Lillee T.

I love these . They are the same as the pot but I use them for my pro palletes I buy . i bought them in GESSO and WINKLE they are the same as the pot but cheaper and I wanted to give the pan a try rather than the regular !

Gemma T.

These last long and are a good quality, love the colours and the names are funny to me but they do some lovely colours all over the rainbow colours

Vyanne M.

I love the them. The other shadows in the containers kept on breaking and making a mess. The pots are cheaper less product but they dont break easily when dropped.

Nadia N.

I love these cause I can just put in my palette and they stick right in. They are also cheaper by a few dollars than the regular MAC eyeshadow pots. Plus you don't have to go through the big process of depotting.