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I LOVE Chloe fragrance and I hate perfume. I actually work in a fragrance department. So when I am not at work I hate to smell fragrance. but I love this its light but not to light it spells like perfume but not over overwhelming. I find this fragrance to be the perfect mix of sophisticated and womanly it's classy high end and the longevity of it is PHENOMENAL. It is also pretty safe for small places like work and school I have never received a complaint about it. I consider this to be my part time signature smell and also not a lot of people wear it so I get plenty of comments when I do where it. Hey isn't that what we lady's all want anyway ;).

BONUS NOTE:If you can SPLURGE on the body cream its amazing on the skin and if your not a fragrance wear-er it has about 40% fragrance in it and you will get just as many compliments on it.

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