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Not dark enough for my skin tone

When I used to wear M.A.C. I was an NC45 and neither the blush or the bronzer of this duo shows up on my skin. I even tried packing on the color but I believe this best suited for those with fair skin. Oh well, for only three bucks I can't be too disappointed.

Great product!

I ordered both the Original and Sin from Ulta while they were 2 for $20. I was skeptical at first but my eyeshadow looks so much better with this primer underneath. My Coastal Scents shadows now have something to hold on to!

Great coverage but just a smudge too much of shimmer.

This is my first time using an eyeshadow trio from Wet & Wild and I must admit I am very impressed! I did not have to pack on a lot for coverage nor did the colors fade during blending. I am for sure going back to purchase the rest of the trios!

Can't believe I've been sleeping on this!

I have had this in my collection for quite some time but just really got around to using it. I love it! All you need, as with any eyeshadow, is a good base. I use M.A.C.'s groundwork paint pot. I lost one of the shadows in the palette while moving so I may purchase another one because the one I lost was such a pretty matte brown.

Better than witch hazel

I like this toner because it has a very faint fragrance that doesn't annoy my allergies. There is no burning sensation after application as I have noticed with other toners.

The only cleanser that doesn't burn my face!

I've been using this since I was in the 10th grade and I am 24 years old now! I've tried other acne products but they were always to harsh or drying to my skin. I must admit that the first two months my acne got a lot worse before it got better, but I heard other reviews warning others about this so I was prepared.

Glad it was a sample!


This mascara dries quickly once applied. Some mascaras have a "wet" feeling to them which can be weird at times


THERE WAS NO HIGH IMPACT! I felt as though I had on clear mascara. No volume. No thickness. No lengthening. Thank goodness I didn't shell out the $24.50 for the full size. I'm so disappointed in this high end product. With every mascara I expect to have divalicious lashes and this mascara did not do that at all :(

Will try again wtihout primer


This product is VERY lightweight. I feel as though I have nothing on my face. Another great benefit is that it dries to a matte finish. I have oily skin so this is definitely a plus! It also contains Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.


You have to blend quickly because once this product dries it doesn't really move. Almond was too light for my complexion and Mocha was too dark. I blended the two but still wasn't quite satisfied. There was a slight grayish tint to my face that could be attributed to my thin layer of Milk of Magnesia that I used prior to the tinted moisturizer. To even everything out I dusted on some of my Iman's Perfect Response Oil Blotting Pressed Powder in Medium. I plan to try the moisturizer again without the Milk of Magnesia to see if this eliminates the grayish tint.

Beautiful color for summer

I wanted something in the coral shade for my nails this summer. I liked the color so much that I did a blog post about it. However, this was the only brand of polish I've used so far that requires 3 coats instead of the usual 2. Otherwise, the color shows up sheer.

My first and only eye primer!

I have never had my eyeshadows crease on me whenever I use groundwork as a base. Trust me when I say it has stood the test of time throughout the day at work. I've danced the night away at nightclubs and my eyeshadow did not bulge. Had mine for a few years and has yet to dry out. I plan to purchase the other colors.

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