Beauty Product Reviews


I love color (who doesn't) and this palette is great! I was looking for a good yellow and I'm always a fan of any purple. This palette is definitely one of my favorites, so much so that I bought 2 of them. I want to get some of the other palettes now. I haven't bought any products from Sugarpill that I haven't loved!


I bought this because my normally acne free skin decided to flip out on me, so I wanted to try a spot treatment to help it out. I chose this one and I'm super excited about it! It only took a few uses before I noticed a difference! I felt like it was fairly priced, and I bought it at Target. My only complaint is that the roller ball/packaging makes it really hard to get the product out, but if you shake it like crazy, that helps. It really is worth it despite the packaging thing!

Love these!

I have these in peppermint, cherry, and peach. I love that each one adds a different tone (besides the peppermint which is clear), they taste good, they smell good, and they moisturize the heck out of my lips! Usually, in the winter, my poor lips are struggling. But I've been using these religiously since December, and I have no complaints!

One of my favorite drug store eyeshadows!

Anytime I use any of these colors, I get compliments. I've also been asked if I was wearing MAC while wearing these eye shadows. They have good pigmentation and last forever!

Good stuff

This is the only product I've used by JK, but I'm pretty happy with it. It makes a good nude lip, it's not sticky, and it doesn't taste bad. (Taste is a deal breaker for me). It goes on smooth and it lasts a decent amount of time.


I've tried several of these eye shadows and I'm usually disappointed with them. They work ok if I put them over another cream shadow or a primer, but they're definitely not my favorite. I feel like they come out more dull than they look in the palette, and I don't like the way they go on.

Love this!

I bought these on a whim the other day. I got Painted Purple and Fierce & Tangy. These colors are bright and they last all day. My only complaint is that they don't go on as smooth as I'd like. Also, it helps if you use a good primer so these don't crease.

Just started using this makeup

I really like this makeup a lot! I feel like it covers well, but doesn't feel cakey. It's actually pretty smooth. I also like that it lasts all day and doesn't sit heavy on the skin.

Not to shabby

For $3, this is a good brush! It is, however, the only e.l.f. brush that I've purchased that I like. I feel like it picks up color really well and it's a good go to brush. Plus, once it wears out, I'm only out $3 :)

Okay for a cheap palette, especially if you're just starting out.

I have to say, for $10, this palette is about as good as I expected it to be. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out since it's so inexpensive. This would be perfect for someone who is just starting to experiment with makeup.