Yes to Tomatoes

Roller Ball Spot Stick


Nancy-Lee C.

Acne suffers, say Yes To Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Stick. This 97% natural product has been 100% effective treating and ridding my acne. Purchased @Target for $9.99 it rivals any department store brand that I have used - which have also cost twice as much.

The 2% Salicylic Acid formula treats acne at the source by providing exfoliation of the upper epidermis - this prevents the pores of the skin from getting clogged up and being infected with bacteria. In addition, a blend of Ginger and Bisabolol have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

The vessel is very comfortable to hold and the roller ball is a perfect delivery system. I like the fact I am not touching my face with my fingers and potentially adding oil, dirt and/or bacteria. Having combination skin, I appreciate that I am not applying Salicylic Acid in areas that do not require exfoliation beyond my Clarisonic, such as my lower cheeks.

The serum dries but I do not feel as though I have a noticeable residue on or tightness to my skin. It also dries clear; not matte but not shiny and obvious. The dry-down is quick which allows me to apply powder without a long wait time. I can easily reapply this on top of facial makeup without disruption or cosmetic transfer.

Srsly, this clears my blemishes in 2-3 days and I have noticeably less scarring. Probably because I'm not picking at them for a week. Just being honest. On average, I apply it to spots 4 times a day until they have dried up.

My tip: store this roller ball down. I thought I had a bunk tube because product wasn't coming out unless I shook the vessel like an old skool thermometer. I was going to exchange it for another one but I decided to give it one more go. So I inverted the tube, roller ball down, in my makeup brush jar. Preso! I have had it for 2 weeks this way and I have not had any leakage issues.

This is a new staple in my fight against acne. I will absolutely repurchase this spot stick.

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Kim T.
YES it works!

I have acne prone skin and even though I've not had a bad breakout in a while I got this because I had a spot that wouldn't heal. I purchased this used it in the mornings and at night and it worked! Seriously in less then a week the spot was cleared up and I use this on small spots and it's so amazing they clear up so quickly! I love this product it's incredible and I am planning on repurchasing this product (when it comes back in, I got the last one).

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Brit S.

I bought this because my normally acne free skin decided to flip out on me, so I wanted to try a spot treatment to help it out. I chose this one and I'm super excited about it! It only took a few uses before I noticed a difference! I felt like it was fairly priced, and I bought it at Target. My only complaint is that the roller ball/packaging makes it really hard to get the product out, but if you shake it like crazy, that helps. It really is worth it despite the packaging thing!

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Coco T.
Love this! One of the bests spot treatments!

This is definitely one of the best spot treatments & it doesn't dry out my dry, sensitive skin!

Only down side is you kind of have to shake the sh*t out of it to get product out, but when it comes out, it comes out haha

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Victoria B.
great product!

This stuff is great! i used to use a prescribed acne cream, that just dried out my skin with all of it's harsh chemicals. I switched to this, and my skin has been clear of breakouts, and doesn't get dried out!

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Danielle B.
The best

Being completely honest, I have not had even one break out since I purchased this stuff. Every time I feel a pimple starting I use this and it's gone in a day. Also, I used this on a couple big pimples my fiance(who is a guy and obviously doesn't take as good of care of his skin as he should) had and they were almost completely gone the next day. This stuff is great. And so far all of the yes to tomatoes products I've used do what they say and help reduce redness. I feel like this stuff is stronger than most spot treatments I've used and it actually makes it's way into your pores to help fight acne instead of sitting on top of your skin and drying it out. At the same time though, this stuff doesn't overly dry out your skin and cause flaking like some stronger/harsher acne products I've used that still didn't keep me from getting acne. Also, a lot of people said you have to shake it to get it to come out? I haven't had this problem at all so I'm not sure on that one. It always comes out perfectly for me.

K T.
so good

I get the occasional (but huge) acne spot from stress and this clears it up within days while making the redness disappear within the first day.

It smells a little strongly and burns on application, but it works so well!

Kiana S.

I use this on any spots or blemishes after washing my face (twice a day). After using it for about 3 days, I noticed a HUGE difference! Any blemishes I used it on were practically gone! Now any time I see a spot, I whip out this trusty spot stick and BAM gone in less than a week! DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!

Jacqueline R.
Shrinks zits

I really like this stuff. I bought the acne kit from Target and I use this after the exfoliating cleanser that was in the box with, which unfortunately is not listed on this site =/ (It also came with the repairing lotion which dries me out).

I was pretty impressed that it worked at all on me let alone this well. I haven't noticed it helping with the redness too much but I have noticed that it shrinks my zits which is awesome, and helps them heal faster. I will probably repurchase this product. Worth a try!

Rosa P.
bought it yesterday

I read this article yesterday and ran out to get it at my drugstore. I used it at night to spot treat and used it today as well. It does get rid of redness... Can't wait to see more results.