Beauty Product Reviews

Love on the Lips!

I am in LOVE with these lip butters! They truly do go onto the lips like butter. I own at least 10 of these shades, and I always find myself wanting more. One of my most favorite shades is cherry tart! It's a perfect red shade that at first comes onto the lips with a slight sheerness to it. However, these lip butters are build-able shades. If you want a light application look, swipe the color on once. If you want more, keep building up the color to where it looks opaque on your lips.

You cannot go wrong with these shades. There are so many of them! They do not dry out your lips. They also stay on your lips if you do not eat or drink too much.

They're amazing. I love this lip product!

Crush on Crush

I'm in love with the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They are absolutely amazing and I cannot get enough of them. I honestly want to purchase every shade. But out of all of the shades I do currently own (I believe I have 6) Crush is my ultimate favorite. I am a Mac NC30 and the shade of Crush really compliments my skin tone. I wear this shade in the summer and winter. I honestly cannot get enough of it, it is what introduced me to the beauty of darker shade lipstick, and it lasts forever without drying out my lips!!


I would have to say that this palette is my 2nd favorite next to the original Naked Palette. This palette is more based on night time looks but there are a few day looks you can learn to create when using this palette. You can have a neutral/warm smokey eye, a fashion smokey eye, the classic smokey eye, and so much more. It is my ultimate smokey eye palette!

Cute! But basic.

I own every eos balm except the alice in wonderland ones. I honestly love the lemon one because I love anything lemon. To be honest, I'm better off with carmex or burts. It's a basic chapstick, I'm basically only buying them because of the cute packaging, the smell, and the fact that it does its job to keep my lips moisturized. I have better chopsticks/lip balms...but I adore the smell and cute packaging....I feel like I'm just collecting them now.

AAH BUT WAIT! I bought three eos lip balms from ulta and they were melty or broken inside :( You can't tell that the product is damaged too. IDK if that's happened to anybody else but it sucked....three of them!

Oh My Goodness!

It is so pigmented, I only applied it once and it stayed all day, I also wore this all day in Disneyland!!

It is amazing. Super pigmented, creamy, beautiful shades. Love it, love it, love it!


I finally figured I should invest more money into the product that I use to cover my face. I went to Ulta to find the perfect product. I have very sensitive skin. It's prone to acne, dryness, and oily-ness. I also get to deal with psoriasis, and does like to visit my face.

So as you can see, I really needed a great foundation. The MUA that helped me knew a thing or to about my poor skin's condition and so she showed me this product. I barely use very much of this each time that I wear it. It is also so light! I do not feel like I am piling a bunch of foundation on my face to hide any of the flaws that I am self-conscious about.

It also has not messed with my skin! I have been lucky with drug store products but I know I am doing a bigger favor for my face when I invested in this. This is the stuff for you if you've got some very sensitive skin like myself. It covers you up whether you want full or partial coverage, it blends well with the skin, and it feel oh so very light!

The only con is that it is a little pricey...but it will last a long time and in the end it's the better investment!

Good for Emergencies!

I do not use this product as much as I used to. I would say that is good for emergencies. It is compact and good for when you are on the go. You're good with this when in need to covering up little problem spots. This product also lasts forever. A MUA helped me out in finding the perfect shade for my skin and for a while I was obsessed with this product. I have moved on to other products and my skin is different than it was back when I used this product, but I still find it to be a trusty emergency concealer. It does the trick!

Highly Pigmented!

So my skin tone is NW and I brushed this one and it was so deep on me. It is a very pretty shade but it is so pigmented that one sweep was more than good. If I was still performing in my dance company, this shade would have been perfect for the stage lighting. Gorgeous color, strong pigmentation!

AMAZING!!! I am in love with this product!

I have Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe, and Too Cool. I love them so much! I use them more as a base for my eye shadows, but you can easily use them by themselves. They really do stay on for hours. I fell asleep in this stuff and woke up with it still looking fine. They do not smudge, and they DO NOT CREASE! I think that is what I love about them most. The shade goes onto your lids and looks like it does in the pot. These are incredible, I recommend them to anyone. My best friend bought Edgy Emerald and tells me she actually uses this as a liner, so this awesome product has multiple purposes. You really can't go wrong with them!

The Best for Me!

I have been using a lot of eye shadow bases and primers to cease the creasing. I seem to have a problem with my eye shadow creasing a lot. I have used UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both did not work very well for me when it came down to the creasing of my eye shadow. With MAC's prep and prime eye, I have yet to crease! I have not only used it with MAC shadows but other brands of eye shadows. Since it is so creamy, I do not need a lot to spread on my eyelids. Plus, I have only started using this product in the summer and so this product is going up against the hot weather. I personally find this the best of the primers and bases I have used. I know this varies but if you have yet to try it, it is definitely worth the chance!