Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer

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Katie L.
Pretty middle of the road

I picked this one up a few days ago when the pharmacy had it on sale.

You definitely have to warm it up quite a bit. It did blend quite well, but was lacking in the coverage I want/need. It does not cake as long as you use the right amount, which is very little so the stick will last for ages.

I'm probably going to go back to the Vichy dermablend one I was using before, but this one will live in my purse for touch-ups.

Elise R.
Good for Emergencies!

I do not use this product as much as I used to. I would say that is good for emergencies. It is compact and good for when you are on the go. You're good with this when in need to covering up little problem spots. This product also lasts forever. A MUA helped me out in finding the perfect shade for my skin and for a while I was obsessed with this product. I have moved on to other products and my skin is different than it was back when I used this product, but I still find it to be a trusty emergency concealer. It does the trick!

Anna-Marie Y.
Matches my skin tone PERFECTLY, but can be a little difficult to apply.

As other people have stated, this product can be difficult to apply without warming it up a bit first with your fingers. This product gives great coverage and is actually my skin tone. Because I use this for under my eyes, and because I'm fair-skinned, it can be difficult to find a color light enough for under my eyes, but this product works. It stays on all day and doesn't go anywhere. Usually I'm not a huge fan of cream concealers, but this is the exception. I also like the fact that it's so portable.

Kristin M.
Not the greatest concealer, but not the worst either.

Beautiful, sleek black packaging and very creamy. I usually apply it with my fingers instead of directly from the tube to warm up the product. It does cover redness, but it doesn't do a great job in covering my under eye circles. I don't mind reaching for it once in a while but if I ran out, I would probably not repurchase.

Amanda K.
Very efficient at hiding my undereye circles!

I was looking for a peachish shade to act as a corrector and a concealer in one. It has never really caked when i wore it, conceals while also correcting and i apply it straight from the tube-what more could i ask for? I personally like it better than Bobbi Brown's correctors and concealer. It is surprisingly creamy considering it is a stick concealer, and glides on very nicely. The photo finish undereye brightener [also by smashbox] over top of it completes the look. I will likely repurchase =]

Nadia B.
Perfect With A Primer

I too use the concealer for my under eye circles and it can go on a little stiff if you don't warm the product up first. Apply it with your finger instead of a brush or straight from the tube and the results will be much better. When I need it to really last I apply a face primer lightly underneath it.

Whitney H.

It's not the best. But it's okay. I use it under my eyes because I have extremely dark circles. It doesn't cover them up completely though. It settles in lines as well.