Prep + Prime Eye


Rory V.

I like this product, but after 5 months it became dry. In my opinion this can't happen to high cost product! however I still use it and love it :)

Theresa G.
No no no

If you have normal to oily skin this is NOT a protect you should use. The slighter oil on your lid with this product will crease and it is not fun when you take time to do your eyeshadow looks.

Elise R.
The Best for Me!

I have been using a lot of eye shadow bases and primers to cease the creasing. I seem to have a problem with my eye shadow creasing a lot. I have used UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both did not work very well for me when it came down to the creasing of my eye shadow. With MAC's prep and prime eye, I have yet to crease! I have not only used it with MAC shadows but other brands of eye shadows. Since it is so creamy, I do not need a lot to spread on my eyelids. Plus, I have only started using this product in the summer and so this product is going up against the hot weather. I personally find this the best of the primers and bases I have used. I know this varies but if you have yet to try it, it is definitely worth the chance!

Christina L.
Not bad, but not awesome...

I definitely loved the fact it was creamy and went on smoothly. Besides that, I didn't notice my makeup lasting a super long time or anything. My makeup still creased, even though I used MAC eye shadows. After a while, it started drying up a little. I think there are much better, cheaper eye primers out there.

gee m.

I found this product to be moody and to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it would go on the eyelids smoothly and sometimes it would not. It would often leave a cakey appearance on my eyelids so I would end up either removing the product or packing my eye shadow on my lids trying to cover up the cakey look of it. At first I thought maybe my eye lids were to dry and needed some moisture but even when I applied a little extra moisture to my lids the product still was a hit and miss for that day.

If I could get the product to go on my lids smoothly it would make my eye shadow go on smoothly, keep my eye shadow on, and neutalizes lid color.

Angela H.

Deep Dark is the shade I purchased in this product. It provides a smooth, even base for apply eye shadow. I loved the creamly consistency of the product. It primes my lids well.

Hannah F.

Now before I get started, I love MAC, it has to be one of my favourite brands and I am in love with basically all their products, but this one, I was not impressed. I found this primer was the most drying eyeshadow base I had ever tried. It looks extremely creamy in the package, and when you first pick it up out of the container it's creamy, but as soon as you apply it to the eye it gets cakey and I found I couldn't even apply eyeshadow on top.

Kirsty B.
not a primer

i bought this one day when shopping for my birthday. one of those "its mac must have" but from the first time i tried it i new that it wasnt a primer like urban decay or too faced but a base so that you have an even colour on the lid which is kinda pointless when it creases after the first 2 minutes. i have found a few good uses for it thought if you have good skin with light redness or light undereye circles this actus as a light coverage concrealer. mixed with mac's studio fix fluid foundation you get a slightly higher coverage

this product can be slightly drying so stay away if you have very dry skin hope this helped anyone xoxoxo

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