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Sonia S.

U just need a lil bit with a great blush brush . It's all about the Brushes and how well it could blend . The pigment is so great rhat u just need a bit and blend . Of course orgasm is my other fav color . It just goes on so smooth and pretty . However - I have primer and mineral makeup and I also dab on smash box gel cheek color , forgot rhe name . But rhat also works beautifully when u just want to look really natural .

Kim J.

I wouldn't recommend this product to a beginner, like myself. I like a very natural look, just a hint of color. And my first time using it wasn't pretty. So much pigmentation that I wasn't ready for. I use my buffing/blender/stippling brush (Mac 187) to just barely tap some color on my cheeks. Great product nonetheless

Jasmine F.

i rarely wear blush but when i do its this one or nars orgasm they are amazing i just dont like that my orgasm blush after a couple of week got like clumped up in the packaging its weird that is why i give 4 stars

Michelle N.
Great Product

I purchased the Amour shade which is a peachy pink. I LOVE this blush. Nars blushes are very pigmented and you get much use out of their product. I also love their packaging and Nars will never dissapoint me. :) Even though their blushes are pricey- the product is worth the money.

Elise R.
Highly Pigmented!

So my skin tone is NW and I brushed this one and it was so deep on me. It is a very pretty shade but it is so pigmented that one sweep was more than good. If I was still performing in my dance company, this shade would have been perfect for the stage lighting. Gorgeous color, strong pigmentation!

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Pris N.
It's alright

"Amour" gives a matte-like peach color. The great thing about this blush is that a little gets you a LONG way. If you apply it very lightly, it is very similar to Nars "Deep Throat." Once you start applying it a little more heavier, it gives a deep Rosie-peach glow. It doesn't look TOO bad on my skin but it does not give me a *WOW* factor. The color is gorgeous! I just don't think the color looks so great on my skin..

Gabby N.

I recently purchased my first NARS blush, in Amour, and I gotta say I love it. You don't need a lot because this blush is very pigment. It gives a nice peachy,pink glow to the cheeks, I love this blush for the summer. I want to purchase more in the future.

Mandy E.
Love it

I had heard loads and loads about NARS blushers, and everyone always commented on how Orgasm was the best shade ever. I went to my local Sephora and swatched it, and while it is a lovely color, it is far too shimmery for my taste. I have skin that becomes more oily throughout the day, so to wear shimmer would further give my face a sheen. I'm also very pale with a difficult undertone to work with.

I swatched nearly every blusher NARS had, and the shade Amour was by far my favorite. It has no shimmer, and is described as a "peachy pink", but I think it's safe to say the color is reminiscent of rose, as well. Very finely milled, it applies like a dream and blends really effortlessly. I was nervous about how it would look on my pale skin, since it has a deeper hue, but it gives a lovely finish. I'm so glad to have this color in my makeup kit now.

I definitely understand why people love NARS blushers. I'm can safely say that I am a believer now. ;-)

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