Napoleon Perdis

China Doll Foundation


Rachel C.

Not bad at all! I was given a try at this product when getting my makeup done for my formal and it stayed on with a perfect finish for the entire night + after party!! I started to then buy this product for a while and used it every day but unfortunately just too expensive for a high school student haha. The only other 'but' is I find I need something with more coverage for redness and un even skin where as this would be perfect for someone looking for something not-so-heavy

Elise R.

I finally figured I should invest more money into the product that I use to cover my face. I went to Ulta to find the perfect product. I have very sensitive skin. It's prone to acne, dryness, and oily-ness. I also get to deal with psoriasis, and does like to visit my face.

So as you can see, I really needed a great foundation. The MUA that helped me knew a thing or to about my poor skin's condition and so she showed me this product. I barely use very much of this each time that I wear it. It is also so light! I do not feel like I am piling a bunch of foundation on my face to hide any of the flaws that I am self-conscious about.

It also has not messed with my skin! I have been lucky with drug store products but I know I am doing a bigger favor for my face when I invested in this. This is the stuff for you if you've got some very sensitive skin like myself. It covers you up whether you want full or partial coverage, it blends well with the skin, and it feel oh so very light!

The only con is that it is a little pricey...but it will last a long time and in the end it's the better investment!

Maribel S.

BY FAR THE BEST FOUNDATION I HAVE EVER TRIED! i tried this and had to buy it myself! i loveee it, it covers realy well and its soo light weight. AWESOME for summer! <3

Johanna W.

I don't think much of this foundation. It didn't cover much of my skin (freckles, etc...) If your more into a light wight foundation then this could be a great for you.

Miss NiNi B.

i got a sample of this and its the best i'v tried yet! covers amazing leaves a powder finish, long wearing looks great on.i just love it! lil pricey but well worth it i believe. i'm def gona save up for this

Rebeckah W.
Flawless coverage.

this is my founation of choice in summer or any special occassion, as its lightweight and longwearing. applied with a great foundation brush (i prefer sigmas F80) it leaves my skin looking airbrushed. because of the seft-setting formula you have to work quite fast when applying so it doesn't become streaky. Its fine to wear alone but i set it with a powder for added coverage. It last all day long and stays fresh with very few touch ups needed.