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I bought this on a whim and considering that it had a green concealer, I went for it. The green wasn't pigmented, yet the darkest skin toned concealer was. It does cover up the redness using the green concealer then the skin tone, however it wasn't to the extent that I had expected. That concealer brush that's attached did absolutely nothing for me!

Did not work for me

I love the wand shape, and it did give me some length. However, it eventually got clumpy and became a mess for me. The smell was horrible and left me flakes on my face upon removing. I did not see much of a difference in terms of length for my lashes. I gave this a chance so many times and every time I was let down.

It gives length and separation, but no volume.

I just bought this recently and I love the length and separation I get from this mascara. I don't think that if you're looking for volume, this would be the one. It does get clumpy but if you use it lightly and appropriately, you can get a nice result. This isn't quite dramatic, so I wouldn't recommend this for special occasions.

It's alright.

I got the sample size one and I found it to be alright. I do admit, I like the fact that it lengthens a good amount, as opposed to other mascaras, but I am not so sure about the formula. I did see a bit of flakiness. I think that just as long as you apply it correctly and use a lash comb, you're good. It's okay but I think it can be better.

It's alright....but other pencils will do better.

I've found myself using this a little more to make a better judgement and honestly, there are other pencils out there that can do better. I used this on my waterline and I felt a little pain because the liner is a bit rock-hard. Pigmentation is plain "alright". It's not so faded, but it can have better pigmentation. I wouldn't spend my money on this again, but will continue to use it until it runs out. With $6 being it's price, you can buy something much better than this.

It's okay but can be better.

I think the colors in here are beautiful, I like the sleek packaging and the price of this palette is nice. It was about $11-13. However, what I found disappointing was that some of the eyeshadows weren't as pigmented as expected. Like Meg said, most of these colors actually turned out to look similar when it is swatched. Preferably, I think that they should have added some more warmer colors. I'm not sure it it's only me, but I found the eyeshadow to be too powdery/chalky. Nonetheless, I would still use this palette.

$3 bucks and worth it!

Besides the brush costing only 3 dollars, what I also love about it is its precision. This is definitely something I would use to apply my gel eyeliner, especially when I'm doing a winged look. This is also great for eyebrows.

Wasn't dense enough

I recently bought it and I felt like it wasn't dense enough. My reason of buying this was to try to use it for liquid foundation, although that isn't its primary purpose, and of course, that didn't work out. I tried using cream blush with it because I also wanted to get a brush that can do that, but the results were streaky. I'm going to try to find a use for this somehow, but as of now, it isn't something that I'd reccommend.

I was going through my makeup box and found this and I completely forgot how great this stuff is! It works wonders and definitely helps boost the length. I used Lancome's Definicils for length and then Lancome's Hypnose for volume after this primer! This combination of these products is my go-to mascara routine as of now!!

Not good for people who wear contact lenses

I loved how smooth it glided on. The issue is that I can't wear this if I'm wearing contact lenses because the eyeliner will cause cloudiness. No matter how much I rubbed it off, my lenses kept getting cloudy.

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