Cover Acne & Blemishes With The Right Brushes


I developed a serious case of acne during my college years and though my skin has cleared up now, I still have random acne flare ups that I need to cover up every so often. In the past, I’ve used fingertips and sponges to apply my concealer, but then I tend to either glob on too much or too little. I have come to realize that having the right makeup brush is super important when concealing acne and blemishes. Brushes can get into the nooks and crannies of trouble spots, since the bristles can maneuver themselves easily into the crevices. Here are our top 3 picks of makeup brushes that can help cover your acne spots and blemishes!

1 Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush

More of a traditional concealer brush with stiffer bristles, this synthetic brush by Laura Mercier does a fantastic job covering trouble spots. Gently pat a small amount of concealer over your problem areas with until the concealer blends into your skin flawlessly. Though it may take more time to cover acne and blemishes with this smaller brush, the coverage will look more natural and less cakey since the product will have been lightly layered on.

2 MAC 217 Brush

The MAC 217 Brush is a fluffy and soft brush that conceals acne and blemishes wondefully due to its brush density. Start with a small amount of concealer and buff the product in circular motions until harsh edges disappear. This brush is also great for blending your eyeshadows so you get a handy multi-functional makeup brush.

3 NYX Eyeliner Brush

This inexpensive and thin eyeliner brush applies a thin layer of concealer to the area you wish to cover with exact precision. Start by applying a small amount of concealer in circular motions and build up your coverage as needed. This brush is most useful on smaller blemishes because the brush is quite small and thin.

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