Stay Dry This Summer: Top 3 Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants


Summer can mean a day at the beach, balmy long nights and pool parties. But what it also brings is perspiration! Don't let the the summer heat keep you down or destroy your confidence. Here are our Beautylish's top 3 anti-perspirants and deodorants to get you through those long hot days and muggy subway rides!

1  Secret Flawless Renewal 

This best-selling anti-perspirant and deodorant is actually triggered by your body heat. As your temperature rises, this formula releases odor-fighting fragrance microcapsules, so the more you move around and the hotter you get, the fresher you'll feel—and smell!

2  Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

A cult favorite, this solid deodorant can be applied right after shaving (with no stinging!) and smells divine. Containing sophisticated notes of Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley, amber, and musk, it is the ultimate luxury in deodorants. 

3   Dove Visibly Smooth

Containing extra moisturizers to keep underarms soft, this deodorant not only smells great (like fresh laundry) but also contains a Pro-Epil Complex so that over time your underarm hair feels softer, finer and will look less noticeable so you won't have to shave as much. 

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