Social Experiment: Scarlet Fever!


From my previous Social Experiment experience, I already knew that bold Pin Up-inspired lips or a bright flush on your cheeks would instantly draw male attention. For February, I wanted to push the envelope further and was inspired by the bold splashes of red on this season’s runway. From Anna Sui’s gorgeous all-over scarlet look to Miu Miu’s dramatic crimson eye shadow, these polar opposite looks were perfect to try on guys. Men are usually attracted to woman with more natural makeup, but here’s how they reacted to the revved up rosy effect.

Day 1: Anna Sui's All Over Flush

On the first day, I tried out Anna Sui’s Spring  2012 runway makeup look and gave my whole face a dramatic tint by adding blush to the temples and blending it around the hairline. I used very warm matte eye shadows over my lid and around my face and swept a bold orange-red lip color over my pout. It had a very geisha-like effect and left me feeling very feminine and delicate. When I finished my makeup, my reflection reminded me of my early high school years when I would visit my family in Japan. They dressed me up in a kimono, created an ornate updo with my long locks and applied a warm blush all over my face to brighten up my complexion. I felt beautiful because of the healthy flush on my face and the amazing clothes. But putting my brief moment of nostalgia aside, I skipped the elaborate updo and paired my makeup with big romantic Marilyn Monroe-inspired curls to tie the style all together.

When walking into the bar, I noticed that the more mature men would make eye contact and smile at me. Much like my first social experiment, the younger men didn’t glance my way. I did encounter a young lady in the bathroom who raved about my overall styling that night. In general, it was a very successful night as I ended up chatting with a very friendly 30-something gentleman.

Day 2: Miu Miu's Graphic Crimson Creases

The second day, I tried Miu Miu’s graphic red eye look and I was very self-conscious because of the traffic-stopping color and the way the shape framed my eye, making it appear smaller. When you wear makeup, it should give you a confidence boost, which naturally attracts people. My lack of confidence may have influenced my poor results. I did get several questionable glances of confusion from men and a group of young ladies huddled together and jeered at my makeup. In my opinion, this very futuristic, geometric look would be far more appropriate for a concert or themed party and not the best makeup choice when you’re trying to meet someone new.

I felt far more comfortable–and even sexy!–in the Anna Sui-inspired makeup. If you’re going out to try to meet someone new it’s important to wear whatever you feel the most outgoing in and stay with eye shapes that you are more use to. This way, you don’t feel so out of your element. Because being yourself is always the best method to captivate attention!