Beautylish Social Experiment: Nightlife Looks


Photo courtesy of pinterest

Being an avid nightlife goer, I've seen a lot of different types of ladies dressed up to have fun. Having gone from one extreme (pink hair, spiky accessories and stilettos) to another (casual smoky eye and jeans), I've seen a wide range of reactions based on how I look. For all of the single ladies out there trying to have a good time (and possibly meeting someone new), here's my breakdown of who you'll attract with which beauty look:


When I feel like cutting loose and just having fun, I usually go for an edgier look with a colorful smoky eye and straight, rocker-inspired hair. Unfortunately, when I typically look like this, a lot of the pick-up lines and attention I attract tend to veer on the rowdy and rude side. The typical "damn girl you're lookin' good" and "baby let me get your number" feels old after a while. Usually it's fun to laugh over the horrible pick-up lines with my girlfriends, but that's not really the attention that anyone aims to get.


Sometimes I like to wear a pinup style when I go out, which I find helps me stand out in a crowd. Going to the same place on day two with this outfit was surprising because the attention and pick-up lines I attracted were completely different from the previous night. Men were more attentive and the compliments I received were more along the lines of "I don't normally see girls as put together as you are" and 'I like your style, it's very memorable."

After discussing with several male friends, I've come to the conclusion that men, in general, go more for a classy and sophisticated beauty look. You'd think that the more obvious edgy, sexy smoky eye and hard-edge style would grab their eye, but this look may actually make them overlook you. Men tend to ignore and are less attracted to what they see most often. This social experiment isn't necessarily a guideline on how to snag a man and I always believe that you should dress however you feel most like yourself, but I hope it does offer some insight into the beauty preferences of the opposite sex.