What’s Your Quarantine Beauty Routine? We Asked the Beautylish Team


A lot of things have changed since we all started self-isolating back in March—including our personal care routines. During difficult times like these, the pursuit of beauty can be both a help and a hindrance. What has your beauty regimen looked like since you’ve been practicing social distancing? Have you been going through the usual motions when it comes to your hair, skin, and makeup? We asked a few members of the Beautylish team how their beauty routines have changed (or not) during this unprecedented moment.

Sharon P., CX Location Manager

“I’m wearing less makeup and just focusing on my skincare routine. My skin has never looked better, even though my diet isn’t as great as it could be… hello quarantine snacking! Also, I did a virtual bang trim with my hair stylist! It was helpful to use the Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror to hold my phone so my stylist could see while I cut my bangs, since two hands are definitely needed. The whole process took about 15 minutes and my stylist gave me good cutting tips to hide any imperfect areas. Overall, not the best bang trim but certainly not the worst!”

Sweet R., Beauty Advisor

“I haven’t put on any makeup aside from the occasional fun glitter eyeshadow and lipstick to keep myself from going crazy. [My daily look is] sophisticated PJs, hair down, chillin’ with no makeup on. My skincare hasn’t changed aside from masking more frequently. Turmeric, honey, and lemon masks are my fave!”

Christina F., Creative Producer

“I’ve gotten a lot lazier with my routine. I already didn’t do very much to begin with, but now I do almost zero, ha. I still wash my face every evening with Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser and that is basically the only thing that has remained consistent in my routine. It feels refreshing and helps separate my workday from my evening activities of playing Animal Crossing and watching Netflix.”

Lauren A., Beauty Advisor

“My makeup routine has definitely changed! I’ve gone from 5-6 days a week of a full face of makeup to maybe 1-2 days per week. Even when I do decide to pop some makeup on, it only consists of maybe 5 products versus my typical 15. I’ve also tried to emulate some fun looks created by my fave makeup account, @midnight_weirdo.”

Brie S., Beauty Advisor

“I no longer put makeup on daily. Instead, I use more skincare and a lot more toner to cleanse my face, as well as masks. On Easter, I actually decided to do a full face of makeup and try a new smoky winged liner technique. It was the first time since March I had applied makeup, and I had a lot more confidence on that day. Especially since all the extra skincare has been paying off!”

Desirey A., Creative Production Associate

“My skincare routine has remained the same. However, my haircare and makeup routines have become non-existent since the start of quarantine, lol. I’ve fallen victim to dying my hair twice out of boredom.”

Nore W., Customer Experience Associate

“My routine has been focused on skincare. I’m taking this time to test out new products and find out what really works well for me. I’m also experimenting with pastel eye looks. Since I have hooded eyes, I’m trying different techniques to showcase the colors on the lid. My favorite look at the moment is a pastel purple cut-crease with a wing. Being able to have a creative outlet has helped boost my mental well being.”

Jazmine W., Lead Beauty Advisor

“I have a bit more time on my hands and have found myself making a point to do every step in my routine. Twice a day, I set aside time to double-cleanse, tone, and apply my serums, moisturizer, and oil. Taking the time to actually DO my skincare routine has really made a difference in my mood. This little daily aside helps to ease me into the day, regardless of what’s going on in the outside world.”

Kathryn F., Editor

“I swing from doing the absolute bare minimum one day to going all-out the next day (applying lotion to every inch of my body, trying out editorial eye looks, etc.). I just do whatever I feel like doing. On some days, I don’t even put on sunscreen—cue the beauty editor screams—and you know what? That’s okay. Life is tough enough right now without putting pressure on yourself to follow a perfect skincare routine.”