Social Experiment: High Fashion Goes Street


A few fashion shows really caught my eye, and Jeremy Scott’s spring 2012 show was definitely one of them. Something about my giddy childlike heart was so fond of the overdramatic pigtails and freckles. It reminded me of those years of carrying around a doll to help me learn how to tie her shoes, fasten her buckle and button her shirt. Her long lashes and freckle-speckled cheeks cheered me up whenever I was feeling alone or sad. 

Taking Jeremy Scott to the Street

Heading to the train station in San Francisco, I had no idea what to expect since dressing up for these experiments has left me with different reactions. Excited and curious, I anticipated the reactions of the people I passed on the street, and of course I got some. The surprising thing was they were different from what I expected.

In the morning, people are busy trying to hustle to work as fast as possible, so I wasn't surprised that most of their heads were facing downward. When I did get eye contact though, the response varied by gender. Women who seemed to be in a generally good mood first gave me a look of surprise, followed by appreciation. A couple of them even said "Aww" as I walked on by. Other women weren't amused at all. At lunch, the Beautylish team walked over to the mall, and I headed to grab some Korean food. The woman helping me gasped, smiled, and said, "Ooh! So pretty!" I think, these women were remembering their Raggedy Ann dolls when they saw me walking around the city.

Guys had two reactions: confusion or avoidance. It was so funny to see men react or try to interact with me throughout the day, because not one of them could understand why a girl would be walking around on a workday dressed like a living doll. Between quick glances, I noticed furrowed brows and double takes from businessmen passing by.

It was a surprisingly warm day in the city and many people were out and about, creating the perfect environment for an abundance of reactions from all types of people. Its days like these that I really appreciate not caring what others think, because looking different does isolate you from a crowd. Like other Beautylish Social Experiment days, I took advantage of getting to dress up and had a lot of fun with it! This look is best suited to dressing up for costume parties, but by simply toning down the hair a little and nixing the freckles and liner under the lower lash line, you can incorporate this Jeremy Scott-inspired look into your regular routine.