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I think I found MY foundation! +A shade to match my not-too-average skin tone + No SPF. I need all the vitamin D I can make over here in Northern Europe, and for everywhere else it's called face cream with SPF. Plus, in summer I don't wear foundation. + My perioral dermatitis, caused by a combination of make up and anti-acne cream, is healing very well underneath this. + Goes on smoothly + Stays on smoothly. - What's up with the bottle?

Yup, I'm one happy puppy!!! My newest blush/bloom/contour/whatever. Benefit doesn't really do stuff for my skin tone, except this. And this will be used till I can see what the bottom of the box looks like!

Subtle glow, and the colour is perfect for my beige skin. It looks amazing.

Oh! New addiction! I am pleasantly surprised by this lipstick!! So soft... So surprisingly long lasting for a non-long lasting lipstick! I bought it because the colour was exactly what I was looking for: a colour to wear always. My only regret is NOT getting the cherry red colour I tested as well!! Colour matches my skin <a href='http://tone.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>tone.It</a>'s matte without looking dry.

Boyfriend tested it as well: it's kiss proof.

This one goes right up on my list of favourite products. I'm picky, so that's not easy! In winter I use Estee Lauder BB in the lightest shade, but I was looking for something lighter, darker (and less yellow) for summer. I love this cream. It doesn't offer coverage, only enhancement of your natural skin, and that was what I was looking for. Make up is supposed to bring out natural beauty, not cover it. Add a few touches of concealer and I'm good to go. The colour seems to be pretty diversity-friendly, I'm surprised to see that it works on darker skin as well, based on reviews. It gives me a bit of a radiant glow, goes on easily, blends easily and feels good on the skin. I wouldn't know if the anti-ageing properties work; I still look 26. It moisturises my sensitive skin nicely for not-too-cold days, it's too 'light' for winter. I don't like that it has SPF 20: I live in Northern Europe and the sun I get here is too little for my South-African skin which needs some sun to remain healthy (and for me to not look ill) to begin with, let alone after every cosmetic company in the world decides we need full protection against every ray of sun. In South-Africa I'd probably love that aspect, but now I need to worry about getting SOME sun on me, you know, for vitamin D and such. But, all in all, I'm quite happy and VERY happy to find a product that for once is NOT aimed at yellow-undertoned ladies.

Does the job. Does not make my brown hair look dull, as the regular Batiste did. Easy to use, although I did get funny looks at the gym..... dry shampoo is not well integrated here! Makes buns better, braids better... and saves time!

It goes on gorgeously, and precisely and has great colour. Can be smudged if so desired when wet... and supposedly not once it has dried. Fair enough, it worked really well the first time I used it, but didn't have it on for long then. Second time I ended up with a dramatic raccoon eye, but I thought that was due to laughing too much (...). Third time I wore it to work, in a lovely winged top-only style. Half way through my shift my wings have flown, leaving a flurry of eye liner in no particular shape around the outer corners of my eyes. But hey, I get to keep the brush...

Hey, what a fun product! I treated myself to the box with all the minis as there's no colour I'd wear a lot in the collection. It looks interesting on your nails. The pink and blue shades are amazing for summer, especially with ss 2013's focus on bright colours. The black one is a winter shade and dries up more of an antracite with red spots. The purple is my favourite; it's dark enough for winter, and bright enough for summer. I imagine they'd be quite easy to apply with a regular brush; the minis have a really annoying brush. No top coat required. They last pretty well. And if it does chip, the roughness makes it easy to patch up a bit, to make it last even longer. I'm absolutely fascinated by the texture!

Pretty disappointing, considering the price, considering it's OPI, considering it says 'rapidry'. Consistency is too thick; making applying a neat, thin top coat nearly impossible. The OPI label sort of gives you some expectations, but this one simply doesn't live up to it. Don't get me wrong; once it's all set it does actually last a fair enough length of time. The problem is: it doesn't dry rapidly AT ALL. It says 5 mins to settle. I've had other top coats without the 'rapid' in their name, and they needed less than 5 minutes. You won't believe the amount of ruined manicures I've had because I needed to go to the bathroom 20-30 minutes after applying this 'rapidry' top coat! Definitely a bummer. But if you have forever to wait for it to properly dry, it does actually last.

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Nice nude lipstick. Good shade, not too matte and not too shiny, good pigmentation. It goes on smoothly, it's nice and creamy (like another reviewer said: actually comparable to MAC!). Rimmel's lipsticks remind me of when I was a lot younger; their coffee shade was my trademark in secondary school. Still need a good brown lipstick in my stash! The only thing this lipstick doesn't live up to is the 'lasting' bit; so I wouldn't buy darker shades because I need low-maintanance shades.

I am really sad that these polishes have such poor quality because the colours and names are absolutely brilliant. They have dreamy nude colours. The consistency is too thick and they dry relatively slowly. Catrice nail polishes are frustrating; they don't seem to dry at all so your mani gets ruined too easily. I've had 3 that did dry: a gorgeous nude, blue jean and a light green. They didn't last long on my fingers. They now serve their duty as craft paints

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