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Dallas Powder Blush

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Sheryl  T.
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Bought a new Dallas, mine original one is almost finished. Benefit changed the color at some point. It now has a basic orange toned bronzer look. I miss the pink tone it use to have. I’m depressed.

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Jessie H.

by far one of my favourite products ever! Such a beautiful bronzed pink colour and is a great product to compliment cheekbones as well as a natural looking glow on cheeks. It's like a blush and a bronzed combined, long lasting, so worth the money and also a very easy and friendly product to blend.

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Alletta F.

Yup, I'm one happy puppy!!! My newest blush/bloom/contour/whatever. Benefit doesn't really do stuff for my skin tone, except this. And this will be used till I can see what the bottom of the box looks like!

Subtle glow, and the colour is perfect for my beige skin. It looks amazing.

Alyson B.
for the rosy complected

The rose-bronze color is awesome for me because when I do get sun, I never look golden. My skin's undertones are pink as the day is long, so anything too golden or too bronzey looks awful on me. The rosiness of this color is what makes it really work. I actually have used this to contour my cheeks with and it looks stellar. This was one of those colors that I wanted for a long time but people told me over and over it wouldn't work for me, but I was right so nanny nanny boo boo. ;)

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Emily M.
Really enjoyed it!

Okay first off, I think this stuff smells amazing!! Am I the only one? Haha! That's so strange. Anyway, the color payoff for me was awesome. It gave me a beautiful glowy tan look with a hint of sparkly sheen. It lasted forever as well! I just recently ran out and am waiting for a sale to go snag up another box!

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Vanessa M.

I really hate how it has a reddish tone to it...It's not a bronzer thats going to give you a pretty glow. I personally think it makes my skin look irritated and dirty.

Emily R.

I absolutely love Dallas! I have a medium deep to tan complextion and I found this was perfect for my skin tone! After I highlight and contour my face and blend, I sweep this on the apples of my cheeks, forehead and chin. I love how it makes my face look, and it comes out more of a deep mauve color then a poppy pink. I never liked anything too bright and I found this was better than anything I used. It's soft and definitely gives that sun-kissed look. I would recommend it for anyone with an olive, tan, or medium deep complexion!

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Yasuko S.

It does give me that sun-kissed rose glow cheeks! And I love it, I use this mostly on summer with my tan on. Here we go, another amazing product by Benefit.

Niltiac E.

I LOVE this blush! I got it n a kit at sephora (which came with like 3 other full sized benefit products) and I am sooo surprised at the value of product for the money. Normally benefit is a rip... it charges you tons on a product that isn't even amazing and for barely any of the product. But the color is gorgeous, for a blush or bronzer ! I'm going to wear it as a blush when I'm pale. It's also 12 grams so it will last forever!

Lexi K.

LOVE!!! This is by far one of my favorite Benefit products. I have a pale skin tone, and definitely did not think this would look good on me. I decided to be spontaneous and experiment with it, and it turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me (in the makeup world, of course). I love the color, especially in the summer time. It gives my skin almost a bronzed type feel with a hint of blush. The sun-kissed glow I got from it was only more accentuated when I added Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl over it. I highly recommend trying the two together, you won't be disappointed!