Coloured Dry Shampoo


Emily W.
Not really a fan.

I heard great things about this brand, and I was looking for a dry shampoo that is easier to blend in and avoid the dreaded powder white hair. Unfortunately, this didn't blow me away. While it did an okay job at covering up some third-day greasiness, it was still much lighter than my brown hair and it was extremely difficult to blend in.

However, the main issue I have with this product is the awful smell. It has this horrible, cloyingly sweet fragrance that permeates the entire room and lasts for hours. I actually got a migraine from the lingering odor on my hair. For this reason, I will never purchase this again.

Aubrey C.
I absolutely hate this stuff.

Let me start out by saying I absolutely LOVE the original Batiste, but the brunette one is AWFUL.

It didn't do such a great job at soaking up oil. In fact, it made my hair feel dirtier.

The brunette tint it gives your hair just goes everywhere. If you put your hands through your hair, they will be brown. If you're wearing white, dear god please don't wear white when you use this. It will no longer be white, but also brown. Everything. Brown.

Basically, this is just terrible. Would not recommend.

Daisy C.

Reading other reviews, I can't believe how many people love batiste. From my experience, it did an OK job getting rid of oil, but it not only left a white residue that was hard to remove, but the brown tint in the brunette version came off on my hands, even hours after applying! I would definitely not recommend this product.

Danielle B.

Oh how do I love thee....this is still one of the mainstays in my hairstyling kit. It covers roots, bald spots, and volumizes like a mofo. And it's cheap! The only reason you don't get 5 stars, my beloved Batiste, is that there is one I love even more than thee. Expanda Dust by Unite, which is only available in salons, gives more volume and texture. Just sayin'. But you know I love ya B-baby!

Alletta F.

Does the job. Does not make my brown hair look dull, as the regular Batiste did. Easy to use, although I did get funny looks at the gym..... dry shampoo is not well integrated here! Makes buns better, braids better... and saves time!

Melissa S.
First one to work for me!

I have tried at least 4 other very popular dry shampoos before and they all just made my fine hair even flatter. This is the first one that did what it was suppose to do! And it doesn't leave the white residue all over your hair. I love it.

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