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Love it

its my fav gloss and over the Dior Addict Vintage 525 it looks fantastic. People give me quite a few compliments everytime i wear it. Its non sticky and because of the golden shimmer it adds gr8 dimention.

Love it

Who wud not like glitter???? Recently bought the Gold, Crystal and Green one. They apply really well, and stay on pretty long. Dont smudge all that much. After about 3-4 hours maybe if you have an oily lid like me. its a lot of fun.

My go to liner

A friend recommended it and I love it. It applies well and the brush along with it is awesome. I usually apply it to the back of my hand to warm it up a bit and it goes on even better.

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

I got the Nourishing Oil Care Range recently and loved it. I think its perfect for me. It is good for oily scalp to dry scalp , you just have to adjust the amount and frequency of use. The entire eange has worked wonders for my hair.

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

I picked it up when someone in beautylish recommended it. I just love the primer part as well the black mascara part. It's amazing! And everytime i ahve worn it i have recevied wonderful compliments.....Doing the spider lashes is easy with this brush

Saw it, loved it, bought it and loved it more....mine mine mineeeee

I went to the L'Oreal counter at New Beauty Center to look at rose coloured blushes and I saw this lovely little box shimmer....AND i cant pass up anything that has glitter in applies really well...its a delicate color and can also be used as a eyebrow highlighter...really pretty

Skin like Silk

I have oily skin and usually stay away from liquid foundation. HOWEVER the Dior foundation gives me this dewey finish and is all full coverage. and with the concealer tube the finish is amazing and lasts long...even in a humid place like mumbai where you tend to sweat everything of. You do need to apply the loose powder to set it if you have oily skin...otherwise it sets pretty well for normal to dry skin all on its own.


I got this gift kit with the carry on spray, the bottle and the body lotion...The best thing i ever bought. I usually use it when im planning a romantic night with my husband cuz i know he finds this scent irristable. and so do i...its also a scent i know most of my friends have or want...Most desired

Love it

Been using this for almost 2 yrs now. The Clinique counter at the malls the therapist is helpful however you do need to tell them how many times a day you wash your face and how dry, oily etc your face gets...they do check it but i kinda question their accuracy...give them as much info about your skin as you can...

Not working for me

I used this once and i broke out.......Gonna find a friend to give this to maybe it might work for them. I used it the way it recommends at teh back of the tube...however didnt work...i have oily and sensitive skin

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