Color Appeal Mono Chrome Shine


Alexandra J.
If you're anywhere in Europe, these are a must!

These shadows are amazing! The payoff is amazing and the colors are so pretty. The sparkle is not chunky, but it does show up. They only sell in Europe, that I am aware of. I keep checking to see if they will be launched in the US, but no luck and it's been a few years already. When I go back I am definitely stocking up!

Aasheianaa L.
Saw it, loved it, bought it and loved it more....mine mine mineeeee

I went to the L'Oreal counter at New Beauty Center to look at rose coloured blushes and I saw this lovely little box shimmer....AND i cant pass up anything that has glitter in it....it applies really well...its a delicate color and can also be used as a eyebrow highlighter...really pretty