J'adore Eau de Parfum


Alex T.
Love it!

I love this perfume. It has that classy, sexy and really gorgeous smell. It's definitely one that makes you feel like a woman when you wear it. Strong, elegant and sexy are definitely the words to describe it. And of course, the bottle is pretty cool looking.

Lauren R.
Sexy, Classy and Irresistible

This is one of if not my very favorite scent. It is very sexy and strong. I get constant compliments. long lasting and very mature but not too much so. Classy indeed

Bianca S.

This is one of the sexiest female fragrances. Its sophisticated , classy and filled with femininity. Perfect for the working, fashionable female from their early 20's onwards. I figure that it would be a very attractive scent to men aswell.

Bebe T.
the only perfume ill wear

I love Jadore! The scent is soft, sweet and very feminine. Everytime I wear this perfume I get stopped all the time esp. by men. Im also very sensitive to fragrance but Jadore scent is so subtle that it doesn't bother my nose. Pure elegance!

Sabrina B.
Perfection in a bottle.

my mom had this perfume when I was younger and i instantly fell in love. It's the perfect combination of elegance, sexiness, and it's just a classic. every woman should have this perfume for a special occasion.

Jen C.
This is what classy smells like.

I am a big fan of this perfume. The scent is lovely and it smells sophisticated, sensual, elegant, and expensive! I love the mixture of floral and musk, it's a perfect combination to smell feminine and sexy. It is pretty strong when you first spray it on, but the dry down is heavenly! Definitely a special occasion fragrance. It will last all day or night and the scent lingers in and out as you go about your activities. I adore J'adore!

Stephanie M.
It's clean, fresh and girlie

I love this scent so much, that it's become my signature scent. Its a soft floral scent, leaving you a fresh and clean feeling. Dior J'adore isn't overwhelming like a lot of other scents I've tried in the past, and throughout the day it lightens up just enough for you to still smell it, but not have to spray a lot more. If you're a girl that loves to smell like a girls with class and sass, this scent it perfect for you. I love it.

Jessica J.

This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite perfume. I can't even describe how well this scent works with my body chemistry. I play around with a lot of different scents, but when it comes down to it this perfume is my first and strongest fragrance love <3

Maria Y.

This parfume is always one i come back to, i love the scent. And i only use it for special accasions, like parties and events. Because i will always remember the scent, and this will always remember what i actually did. like for my gradtuation.... ;)

Julie A.
So elegant!

This is such a beautiful floral scent!! When I smell this I think of timeless beauty, it's so elegant and classic! For that reason I wore this on my wedding day :) The bottle is beautiful as well and looks stunning on display in your bedroom. The scent is pretty strong and lasts all day, it was perfect for my wedding!