How to Tightline Eyes and Curl Lashes in One Step!


What if we told you you could tightline your eyes and curl your lashes all at the same time? In a single step. With only one hand. No, this isn’t a pop quiz, it’s a secret solution from makeup artist and brush designer, Wayne Goss!

All you need is an eyelash curler, plus your favorite eyeliner and mascara—and sexy lined eyes are just a crimp away. Wayne suggests using a waterproof liner for this method because it will prevent the product from transferring to your lower lashes throughout the day. As the liner dries at the base of the lashes, it creates a powerful hold that keeps eyelashes curled and “up” in place all day. “What’s so good about this technique,” explains Wayne, “is that it gets product into the lashline straight away and create a sort of ‘ledge.’ Your lashes will be curled, and they will stay curled because there’s that ledge there.” Then, when you finish with mascara, your lashes really stay put. “And you’ll have the blackest line right at the lashline,” says Wayne.

Watch the magic happen before your eyes starting at 1:16!

Supplies list

• eyelash curler, like this

• waterproof eyeliner pencil or gel eyeliner, like this or this

• mascara, like this

1: Open up the eyelash curler. Using a pencil eyeliner or a small brush dipped in gel liner, paint the rubber pad of the curler, covering it end to end.

2: Clamp the painted curler onto lashes like you normally would. Make sure to get the clamped curler as close to the lashline as possible and hold it in place for at least ten seconds to ensure the color transfers evenly from the curler to the eye.

3: Finish the look with a coat of mascara and smoulder all day long!

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