Too Faced

Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner


The Name Says It All It's Perfect

Finally a pencil that is perfect. If you want to spend a little more money for the best eyeliner on the market you have found it. Going on feels like butter on my eyes. I can pencil my lines without having to tug my eyelids or hurt the delicate muscles around the eyes. No skipping or grittiness that I would feel in other pencils. The formula does take a few minutes to set, which gives you time to correct your mistakes for a clean line, or flip the pencil around to the rubber end and smudge everything to a smoky eye look. But once the pencil sets good luck trying to get it off! I have go on a few nights with dinner, partying, and late night munchies wearing this as my eyeliner. My liner never budged. My stamina ran out before my Too Faced eyeliner did. Black Orchid is a very dark purple. Maybe a few shades above black. Certain angles of light really bring out the purple. The color is unexpected and I love it. My go-to when I'm tired of black eyeliner. If I'm tired of dark eyeliners in general I switch it up with Peacock, a teal blue that is my favorite color. I don't wear this too often because most of my wardrobe is teal. The teal really brings out my brown eyes. The color is so intense I would keep my other features neutral (sheer lipgloss, light bronzer on my cheeks) to balance out my look.

Wild Waterline Liner

Too Faced Perfect Peacock is the only teal I like on my waterline. I trace ABOVE my lower lash line and around the inside corner with Perfect Peacock. Then I trace ABOVE my upper lash line and around my outer corner with Perfect Black. I like to use the bright liner first and fix mistakes after applying black.


I do agree with some of the other comments, I brought this before and it just keeps on breaking! it was literally a waste of $20, even when I sharpened it, it broke


My eyes are deep green (money green) and my skin is freckled and black is often too much for me. This color is the perfect deep shade of Moss, literally. It's not shimmery or green it's sophisticated enough to replace black for my skin tone. I'm so happy. Even better, I forgot to apply primer and with serious inset eyes that normally means a zerox copy on the hoods - nothing. Not a smudge top or bottom and no irritation. In love...

Keeps breaking!

The first time I tried to use this liner it broke, I sharpened broke....I tried to sharpen it broke! Really disappointed! I can't say anything about the results of the product seeing as I cant use it!

Just average.

Cons- I have used better. It doesn't stay on my top waterline for more than an hour, and also makes my contacts extremely foggy EVERY time I put it on my waterline. Sits in creases (I don't have oily skin so it has no reason to run either). It is a mess when I try washing it off, I have to clean my eyes with eye makeup remover about 2-4 times because it just continually runs off. Pros- It does create a pretty smokey eye easily (though it only stays put for a bit), the sponge on the end is useful. Good pigment. Goes on easily. Will not buy again specifically because of the contacts issue, it would probably work better for those who don't wear contacts.

It came broken and melted.

I am trying to exchange this eyeliner for one that isn't broken. The color looks alright, but I haven't used it yet. I love that it comes with a smudger thing. I hope to get to try this eyeliner out soon!

love it

I like these eyeliners a lot.. they look the best and they never smudge.. must have.. I want to now purchase more colors I use them on my upperlid and kinda smudge them out over my lid to make a Smokey eyeshadow look.

Does not budge!

I love this eyeliner! I use it everyday to tightline my eyes and after a 8 hour day, it still looks as if it just applied it! I love all the shades this collection comes in. What I also like about this eyeliner is its very blend able before it sets, and you don't need a brush because on the other side it comes with a tool to smudge! definitely a must have!


I love this eye liner! Not only is it waterproof but it really is long lasting and smudge proof. I love the wet look finish as well. I work in a store where we have a lot of liners and I recommend this product to a lot of clients.