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Jacqueline H.
All Eyelash Curlers Are Not Created Equal

I own Shu Uemura's, Kevyn Aucoin's, and now Billy B.'s lash curler. The triumvirate is now complete. I like each of these eyelash curlers for different reasons, and Billy B.'s is no exception. With this curler it is very easy to get a nice and consistent curl with minimal effort. I actually tried to pinch myself with this curler, and no matter what I did to try and pinch my lid, it was impossible to do. I have used this curler on individuals with very long and hard to curl lashes and I have gotten beautiful results time and time again. I highly recommend this curler...It's the best $15 you will ever spend.

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James V.

I have had this curler since before Billy B introduced it a few years ago. I was an addict to the Shu Uemura curler at that time (which I still love for certain eye shapes and sizes) when Billy and I were traveling together on The Powder Groups American Beauty Tour and he showed me the curler. I could not believe how easily it fit onto everyones eye and how effortlessly it lent itself to curl without crimping. I am a huge fan and carry one with me to every job. I am so happy to have them available once again.

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Terri S.
Love it, but why no extra pad?!

First of all, I love this eyelash curler. I purchased it specifically for my kit. I was going to buy a Kevin Aucoin one, but decided to try this one. It is comfortable in the hand, opens and closes easily, the pad is more flexible than those you would buy from say a drugstore. I like that about it. It doesn't pinch the lashes or yank any out...which is a great thing. It is the same type of metal that the standard eyelash curlers are made of. It is branded made in Korea, so if that is of value to you then, there you have it. Overall, I think it is worth $15. It's Billy B and we all know he is a genius. I wish they would have at least included 1 replacement pad for the item though. That's the only reason I knocked off half a star.

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Diana M.
This works wonders!...but why?

First impressions...ughh, the finish felt rough on the 'supports' that attach under the pad holder. I assume this just might be with mine. (F.Y.I.--Every other part of the finish was o.k.) But, before I cast it off as some cheap thing...I tried it, and I really liked it. So I thought, why does this work better? My comparison to 3 other curlers I have (2 Sonia Kashuks/both different issues, not identical; and another Japanese KAI one...yes, I can be a nerd with such stuff!) Billy's has a slightly 'tighter' curve. (From what I could see.) The 'posts' that the top 'blade' sits on are closer together than my other three curlers (just slightly).

My take: Judge a product by its' usefulness, not your expectation of what it should be and you just may be surprised. This curler is a keeper! It did curl my lashes better than my other curlers have. The curve just seem to fit my eye better. Just a note about the 'no replacement pad' issue: Personally, when I got pads with my curler, I usually never remember where I put them But mostly, I find that the 'scissor-action' of the curler becomes compromised. I noticed that my older curlers shut tighter closed than my newer ones. It makes sense that all the pressure from regular use eventually affects the unit. Even when I have put new pads in, the curler closes more than when new. (Disclosure: I got this for free as part of a Billy B. promotion. I would replace it if I wore out, or got lost though.)

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Emily F.
No pinches, the reviews are all true!

I love this curler, It curls my lashes a lot more than my previous one did and it’s almost impossible to pinch your eyelid. So many of the reviews I read said "no pinching at all" so I needed to see it to believe it myself, and the reviews were right. It is not flimsy, it opens and closes easily, and the curl it gave my lashes was just fantastic. So far, this is the best eyelash curler that I have tried, I love it.

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This is NOT our momma's lash curler of the 50's ladies!

Besides that shocker US/$15 price this one is WIDER, the rubber bottom already comes BLACK, not from years of daily use since you were 12. My most favorite thing, as usual with any BILLY B toy, it works the first time you try it; and it works GR8! Your fingers don't slip around on the grip as there is plenty of room and it DOES NOT release with any of your precious eyelashes still attached to the black rubber! Your eyelashes come out perfectly crimped in all the right places waiting for a layer mascara, or not. You're gonna LOV it! It's not makeup per se, but Billy B proves once again, his genius in the "toys/tools" that make beauty beautiful!

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Ann W.

This works better for me than either the Shu Uemera or Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers. I have smallish, deepset eyes with thin lashes and this curler manages to grab all my eyelashes and provides a good curl with no pinching. Previously I had to use 2 She Uemera lash for the majority of my eyelashes and one for the corners.

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Olivia D.
the BEST!

This is hands down the best eyelash curler that I have tried. It fits all my eyelashes easily and gives them the best curl every time! I recommend this curler to anyone looking for some oomph in their lashes!

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Harrianna S.
Harrianna S.'s Review Image

Thought it was great. My lashes are curler then ever. I loved the design of it. It was so simple to use and i use to every other day also for parties.

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Mariko P.
Awesome curler!

I recently wrote a negative review on this curler after experiencing problems with the pad, however due to the curler being defective, it wasn't a fair review, so please disregard my last review. :)

I have recieved my non-defective Billy B curler in the mail a couple weeks ago, and wow! I love this curler! It makes my lashes look so perky, and I love how it instantly opens up my eye to make me look more awake. :)

However, I knocked off a star because I feel that Billy B really should have included another pad, considering how exclusive the pad is (I have tried putting in my Shiseido and Shu Uemura extra pads in the Billy B curler, and neither of them would fit).

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