Best Makeup Brushes for Beginners by Expert Sonia G. 


I often receive emails asking me to recommend Fude brushes from my own line (Sonia G.), and frequently it’s from someone who is a complete beginner, or wants to offer one as a gift to a Fude brush aficionado, and they don’t know where to start.

Today we will talk about the best Fude brushes for a beginner from my Sonia G line. If you are just starting your journey with makeup brushes in general, I hope this article will help make it easier to decide the brushes that are best for you. And if you want to know more about the incredible world of Fude, check out my article on starting your Fude journey.

Let’s Get Started

If you are starting your journey with brushes in general, you may not want brushes that are too firm or too dense—they may be too intense for application. It’s better to opt for brushes that have medium density, airiness in the bristles and that move smoothly without pulling on the skin—those are likely to be more effortless to use.

Face Brushes

Face Pro (for powder products)

When I started to use makeup regularly, I invested in a reliable brush that I could use with bronzer and blush. That’s what inspired me to design the Face Pro: a tool that I could use with 90% of my makeup products. It’s super soft, with medium density and airiness but enough strength to tackle soft and medium-hard formulas. While it’s quite big, its angled shape allows a bit more precision in comparison to a round or oval brush.

Soft Cheek (for powder products)

Blush application is such a fun step in our makeup routine, but sometimes we may be a little over enthusiastic. This is where fude really excels. The Soft Cheek has long bristles and airiness, but also a strength right at the surface—so we can adapt the pressure for more or less intensity, holding the brush further down on the handle for a lighter application. This means the bristles don’t splay out wildly or flick the product. Its size is also appropriate for bronzer. And it’s a great tool for sculpting—especially when starting to experiment.

Mini Cheek (for powder products)

Little face brushes bring so much joy in a makeup application. They can awaken the artist within! The Mini Cheek is the brush that I will recommend to anyone. Designed for versatility, it’s fluffy with a tapered shape that allows you to navigate smaller areas when applying powder, highlighter, contour, as well as to intensify a blush application. Even though it’s soft and airy, it still has lots of strength to work more stubborn products. There is no learning curve with this little fun workhorse.

Buffer Pro (for powder products)

When we start playing with makeup, we may not immediately think that the finishing step of an application is quite important. Having a good buffing brush is key. The Buffer Pro has just the right density to flow smoothly and adapt effortlessly to the features of the face. It can be used at the very end of an application to smooth everything out, either with product or just on its own to buff and set. Note: it can be a powder foundation brush, too! (ps: the Smooth Buffer is the smaller version of this brush.)

Jumbo Base (for cream/liquid foundation)

The Jumbo Base is a cream/liquid foundation brush ideal for a quick application of foundation in just a few strokes. It’s dense, but still has movement in the bristles making it easier to navigate on the face—for example around the nose. It’s also easier to wash because you can reach the core of the brush easily. Note: After each use, wipe it on a microfiber towel to remove residue and extend its usability.

Fusion Eye Jumbo Worker / Fusion Eye Blender (for concealer and corrector)

The appropriate size and density of a concealer brush will depend on what type of products you use and where you apply them. The Jumbo Worker and the Fusion Blender can be such a helpful team when it comes to concealer and corrector. At least one of these two brushes is worth trying based on what precision you require.

The Fusion Eye Jumbo Worker is the concealer brush to use on larger areas. It’s a big concealer brush, dense with a lot of flexibility in the bristles. It’s also super soft. Many customers reach out to me with skin related issues and need the softest brushes with the minimum amount of strokes required to blend their products.

The Fusion Eye Jumbo Blender is smaller for more precise placement and blending. Quite dense, it will work with any concealer formulas, including harder or thicker corrector formulas.

Sheer Buffer (cream bronzer, cream blushes)

When it comes to cream bronzers, the Sheer Buffer is going to be the workhorse at any skill level. It builds the application and diffuses it—no need to be too cautious, no need to tone it down afterwards. If you love cream products, this brush is going to deliver flawlessly diffused results.

Eye Brushes

The Sky Eye Set: The beginner’s eye set

As a beginner, it doesn’t always make sense to start with a predefined set of brushes, but everything in this set is extremely relevant, and I am happy to recommend it for any skill level. The options and the functionality that these brushes bring to the table will make the experience fun and definitely effortless. With their softness and quality, the bristles maintain their shape and their strength, wash after wash.

Flat Definer and Mini Booster: For precision and definition

The Flat Definer and the Mini Booster are small and gentle—but extremely effective—brushes. Even though they feel dense and firm, they have movement. This balance of softness and strength is extremely important in order to achieve an application that is precise, like when working on smaller areas or anywhere we need a bit more control. For example, they are amazing on hooded eyes.

The Soft Shader: A lay down brush with benefits

The Soft Shader is a versatile laydown brush with generous thickness and a tapered body.
Thanks to this density and shape, you can use the brush in many ways: it can lay down product on the lid, work deep in the crease to intensify it, or, with the tip of the brush, work on the bottom lashline or browbone.

The Classic Crease: The O.G. fluffy brush

The Classic Crease is a medium size crease brush for all over work on the lid or for transition colors. It makes such a great pair with the Mini Booster—one being for more diffused application and the other to boost the intensity with precision.

The Jumbo Blender: The magic fixer

Even though it has several purposes—like blending, placing shadow all over, or working in the crease—the Jumbo Blender shines when we grab it to correct, even out, or tone down a placement. Due to its high density and shape, you’ll be surprised how much this brush can help you even if you are a complete beginner.

PLUS: The Fusion Detail: The versatile master (liquids/creams/powders)

The Fusion Detail is such a versatile little brush. It’s wonderful to use with both creams and powders. It blends as it places the product and, thanks to its tapered shape, it’s easy to reach the outer corner, access the mobile lid, and to layer several products on top of each other. Let’s say you want to apply a cream and layer a topper: just wipe the brush, switch product, and it’s done. Also, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, pointed concealer brush, it works with any concealer or corrector while the tapered shape can target dark lines or spots.

Should you wish to start your brush journey with Sonia G. Fude, I hope that these recommendations will help you find some great options!

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