5 Makeup Brushes That Make Application Easier


Makeup is moot without proper brushes, which is why excitement is brewing over the August grand opening of Morphé Makeup Brushes’ inaugural store in Burbank, California—the first-ever brick and mortar boutique in the country dedicated to makeup brushes. The brand, previously sold online, is known for high-end tools at affordable prices, and includes handmade, cruelty-free synthetic and natural brushes, with some vegan options, too.

Here, Linda Tawil, who co-owns Morphé with her brother Chris, shows us her five must-have brushes of the moment. Each offers an improved method for application that will help streamline your beauty routine.

For getting an airbrushed look with liquid and cream foundation, Tawil recommends the Duo Fiber Buffer (C442). “Because this brush is so dense, it provides full coverage. Even better, it works for stippling (or patting) on foundation for a perfect finish,” she says.
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The short, dense Flat Contour (C460) lets you easily contour your face around your nose and cheekbone for a chiseled look. “Almost every order we get in, there’s a contour brush included,” says Tawil, who says that this type of brush can be harder to find.
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One of Morphé’s top sellers right now is the Deluxe Round Buffer (C439), a brush that works for liquid and cream foundation, as well as mineral and pressed powders. “The application it gives you is flawless,” Tawil says. “Because it’s synthetic, it doesn’t absorb any of the makeup you’re using. All the product stays on the surface.” This makes it easy to clean—the makeup comes right off.
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For powder eye shadows, Tawil’s pick is the Pointed Blender (C411). “Because it’s made of natural, sable bristles, it’s best for any dry product like a powder, while synthetic brushes are good for wet products like liquids and creams,” she says. The pointed shape is helpful for getting into the corners and creases of the eye. “The flexible bristles also help you deposit color and blend,” she says.
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Another one Tawil’s most popular items is the Pro Blending Fluff (C433). Its goat bristles are both stiff and fluffy, and it tapers off at the edges, which makes it perfect for targeted blending around the eyes.
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