What We Know About Shane Dawson’s Makeup Collection with Jeffree Star


Follow along with us as we recap everything we learn about Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s new makeup collection from their new docu-series!

Update, 11/26/19:

Shane Dawson’s #1-on-trending YouTube series is over and his Internet-crashing collection is sold out. But before you get all teary-eyed, just remember that there’s a restock scheduled for March 2020! (Also, after the initial sell-out, Beautylish was able to secure some extra Mini Controversy palettes, Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Shane and the Shane Dawson Double Zip Makeup Bag in Pink! They are still available for purchase as of this update.)

Also, get ready for the much-anticipated return of a green eye shadow, which developed a cult following after initially being omitted from the palettes. Now called “Put It Back!,” this shimmery emerald shade will be available as a single shadow and added to the Mini Controversy palette (replacing the shade, “Cry On My Couch”).

While we’re getting a little misty thinking about how we won’t be seeing Jeffree and Shane in the same videos as often as we’d like, we know that their collaboration has marked the beginning of a makeup empire. So, prepare yourself for more earth-shattering launches for years to come.

Speaking of breaking things, Part 7: The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson highlights how Shane’s record-slaying collection made beauty history. The Conspiracy launch was the single biggest day in Morphe’s store history and it currently holds the title for most Morphe sales. Also, did we mention that Shane broke the Internet?

Every single website carrying Conspiracy experienced technical problems on launch day as millions of eager fans stormed the web. Things got tense when Jeffree noticed a (major) controversy of his own—his Shopify site did not put up the Mini Controversy Palette, “Shane” Velour Liquid Lipstick, or the pink pig mirror.

While Shane and Jeffree were concerned with how this mistake would impact sales, Nate (Jeffree’s boyfriend) correctly predicted that fans would be back to the site in no time to snatch up all the units. Case in point, the collection later sold out on Jeffree’s website.

After the launch, Jeffree and Shane hopped on a private jet to Minnesota for their Mall of America meet and greet. The series comes full circle as Shane gets to address his screaming fans, just like Jeffree had done during his Morphe brush launch in episode #1. We couldn’t be more proud of Shane, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Congratulations, Shane and Jeffree from your friends at Beautylish!

Update, 11/5/19:

The collection sold out at record speed on launch day, but we secured some additional inventory! These items are now back in stock on Beautylish:

Update, 11/1/19:

The Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection is now available on Beautylish! Click on the banner to shop.

Update, 10/30/19: The Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection will be available on Beautylish.com this Friday, November 1st at 10am PT. Don’t forget that you can pay for your order with interest-free monthly payments using Flexible Payments at checkout for orders $50 and over in select countries.

Update, 10/29/19:

Part 6: The Conspiracy Collection Reveal practically shook us to death. There are so many jaw-dropping moments throughout the video that ultimately culminate in the final reveal of the Conspiracy palette. Let’s start from the top.

We get a behind the scenes look at Shane and Jeffree’s fierce photoshoot, which was photographed with a cinematic storyline in mind. The premise: Shane has a farm with a secret cave. While the rest of the narrative is still a surprise, we’re pretty sure that things go haywire in the best way possible.

The video bounces to a pivotal palette sample meeting, where we see the final model of the Mini Controversy palette. Yesterday, in Part 5, it seemed like Shane was leaning toward the pink TV-shaped unicarton described in our last recap. However, Shane and Jeffree ultimately choose a sleek black box design with a static effect as the packaging. The mini palette itself plays with a TV static design complete with a blinding holographic reflect.

Shane could hardly contain his excitement as he opened Mini Controversy, revealing the pigmented final shades:

Top Row

  • Flat Earth: soft periwinkle with a matte finish
  • Cry On My Couch: Honey beige with a matte finish
  • My Boyfriend’s Purse: Light gold with a shimmer finish

Middle Row

  • Controversy: Rich purple with a matte finish
  • Diet Root Beer: Golden brown with a matte finish
  • My Apology: Deep merlot with a shimmer finish

Bottom Row

  • Exposed: Baby pink with a matte finish
  • Cancelled: Cyan with a matte finish
  • The Simulation: Sapphire with a shimmer finish

Then the video revealed the specific design details of Shane and Jeffree’s brand new merch:

Shane Dawson Pig Side Bag with a rose gold-colored chain.Shane Dawson Pig Side Bag with a rose gold-colored chain.

Shane Dawson Travel Bag embossed with little pig heads on spikes.

Shane Dawson Travel Bag embossed with little pig heads on spikes.Shane Dawson Travel Bag embossed with little pig heads on spikes.

Conspiracy Track Jogger decorated with Shane and Jeffree’s logos.Conspiracy Track Jogger decorated with Shane and Jeffree’s logos.

Shane Dawson Double Zip Makeup Bag in black and pinkShane Dawson Double Zip Makeup Bag in black and pink

Shane Glossin’ packagingShane Glossin’ packaging

Just when we thought we could catch our breath from the whirlwind of surprises, we finally witness the reveal of the Conspiracy Palette.

The unicarton carrying Conspiracy features an iconic white and black spiral with the word, “Conspiracy” written across in gold writing.

After removing the packaging, we see the final version of Conspiracy with its raised case-like design, shiny spiral effects, black chrome clasps, and a pyramid with Shane’s logo on top.

Then, Shane finally opens his finished palette for the first time.

The final palette colors pop against the black packaging, making this unique color story really shine.

The Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection will be available on Beautylish.com this Friday, November 1st at 10am PT. Don’t forget that you can pay for your order with interest-free monthly payments using Flexible Payments at checkout for orders $50 and over in select countries.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this legendary line! Congrats Shane and Jeffree!

Update, 10/28/19:

The title alone for Part 5 of “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” had us on the edge of our seats. Up until this point in the series, Shane and Jeffree’s collaboration seemed like a complete success—until Shane saw his palette’s packaging samples.

The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson takes you inside the tense meeting where Jeffree reveals the potential packaging for the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes. In the video, mock Conspiracy palettes with black and white spiral designs (and even a TV-inspired layout) surround an unimpressed Shane.

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette Packaging Samples

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette Packaging Sample

Shane doesn’t hesitate to tell the team that the samples they provided are missing a certain uniqueness that sets them apart from other eyes hadow packaging. So, it’s back to the drawing board—only this time, there’s a significant time crunch. If Shane can’t lock down a design during the next meeting, the launch will severely suffer.

Luckily, this meeting isn’t a complete fail. The Mini Controversy design seems like a hit with its pink TV packaging, which houses the palette complete with static TV imagery.

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Mini Controversy Palette Packaging Samples

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Mini Conspiracy Palette Packaging Sample

We also see a pink and white pig-shaped box, which will hold the liquid lipsticks—and Shane loves it.

In addition, Jeffree reveals the intricate eye shadow pan designs, including Shane’s logo and more.

Shane’s logo:Shane Dawson logo

Pig #1:

Pig #2:

Root Beer:

Tea cup:


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Update 10/18/19:

If you’re bummed about not getting any of Shane’s sold out merch collection, we come bearing some really good news. In about 14 days, you’ll be able to order Shane’s iconic palettes and liquid lipsticks, but that’s not all. Prepare yourself for some more sickening merch—this is not a drill.

Along with a behind the scenes look at the making of Blue Blood and updated info on Shane’s eye shadows, Episode 4 is packed with surprises that shook us to the core. First off, we learned that November 1st marks the release for Shane’s entire line. Beautylish will have the collection available on 11/1 at 10am PT , so save the date!

Aside from sharing new info on his palettes, Velour Liquid Lipsticks, and handheld mirrors, Shane gives us a glance at his adorable pink and black makeup bags in 5 pig-inspired designs.

We also finally see Shane’s jaw-dropping liquid lipstick samples swatched, here’s what we know:

Lipstick Names and Swatches:

Shane: Deep bronzed brown with a metallic finish. Shane describes it as a “fancy root beer” color.

Ryland: Frosty pink with a metallic finish.

Are You Filming?: True red with a matte finish.

Oh My God: Baby pink with a matte finish.

I Gotta Go: Dusty rose gold with a metallic finish.

Jeffree, What The Fuck: Deep hot pink with a matte finish.

Jeffree also mentions adding a hero lip item to the mix: a clear, glassy lip gloss called Shane Glossin’ (this product name is everything).

We saw the final layouts for the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes, including eye-popping colors, as well as everyday staples—Jeffree properly describes it as, “safe with a lot of danger.” We can’t wait to see the shades housed in hypnotic spiralized packaging along with Shane’s brand new logo.

Final layout for Conspiracy Palette :

Layout for Mini Controversy Palette :

The most shocking thing about the launch? The estimated combined earnings for Shane’s line (based on sales from both JSC and Morphe alone) is $35 million. Even though Shane grossly underestimates himself, something tells us that he might surpass that number. Let us know what you think!

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Update, 10/14/19:

Jeffree shares a photo of the Shane’s pig mirror on his twitter – this is the first finished product we’re seeing! How soon is “very soon” exactly???

Update, 10/12/19:

In Part 3: The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star, we finally see eye shadows from Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy palette swatched in all their pigmented glory—it’s everything we ever hoped for.

Shane talks about how the palette packaging will be influenced by a black and white spiral with mention of a vintage TV design, including channel-changing knobs that will unlock the 18 shades. When opened, expect to see pan designs featuring a tea cup, beer schooner, diet coke can, the illuminati sign, pig designs, Jeffree’s logos, and Shane’s logos.

As a mini surprise, Shane is also gives us an inside look at his “Mini Controversy” palette, which will feature 9 shades:

Throughout the video, Shane and Jeffree swatch samples from both palettes, “half approve” shades (meaning the colors are on point, but not fully approved until tested on the eyes with a brush), make note of necessary changes, and create the first shade arrangements.

The final line up for both palettes is still a surprise, as shades may be added or taken away from those listed below. But for now, here’s what we know:

Eye Shadow Names and Swatches:

Trish: Fuchsia with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

Just A Theory: Brown-toned Maroon with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

Diet Root Beer: Warm golden brown with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Flat Earth: Matte white with a subtle hint of blue (Half Approved)

Food Videos: Lemon yellow with a matte finish (Jeffree mentions adding more pigment and payoff.)

My Pills: Warm-toned pink-beige with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Conspiracy: Molten gold with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

My Uber’s Here: True Black with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Ranch: White-silver with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

I’ll Go Home: Bright cerulean blue with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Not A Fact: Copper bronze with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

What’s The Tea?: Pastel Mint with a matte finish (Jeffree mentions adding more payoff to this shade.)

Chem Trails: Dark sky blue with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Controversy: Merlot with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Illuminatea: Charcoal with a metallic finish (Jeffree mentions bumping up the duo-chrome effect, so this shade has more of an “alien shift.”)

Inside Job: Platinum with a metallic finish (Jeffree mentions adding more metallic and more payoff.)

Oink or Pigment: Pink Coral with a metallic finish (Half Approved)

Cheeto Dust: Cheeto orange with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Flaming Hot: Bright red with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Tanacon: Golden tan with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Irrelevant: Bright plum with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Cry On My Couch: Beige with a matte finish (Half Approved)

Update, 10/5/19:

In Part 2: The Secrets of the Beauty World, Shane has a business meeting with Jeffree and leaves with an eye shadow palette deal, liquid lipstick deal, and a bedazzled bottle of ranch dressing.

To quote Shane, we’re “bloated” from the amount of tea in this episode. Not only does Jeffree reveal how much money he made on the Blood Sugar Palette ($20,800,000 give or take a mil), but he also exposes beauty industry secrets involving Nikkie Tutorials, James Charles, and Kylie Jenner.

Even though the beauty world isn’t always pretty, Shane Dawson still wants in. He’s moving past insecurity to carefully curate an eye shadow palette and liquid lipstick collection—and Shane even gives us a look at what he and Jeffree have been brainstorming.

Here’s what we know so far:

According to Jeffree, the words “conspiracy” and “controversy” are theirs to use “for anything in the makeup world.”

Potential Eye Shadow Names and Shades Mentioned:

  • “Cheeto Dust,” a bright orange shade

  • “Flaming Hot,” color TBD

  • “My Uber’s Here,” a black shade

  • “My Pills,” color TBD

  • “Jeffree, What the F*ck,” Shane mentions this color will be a pink shade

  • “Oink,” a coral shade

  • Shane mentions including a “sickening silver” shade inspired by the Diet Cola can

  • Shane also teases a matte brown shade inspired by the A &W Root Beer Logo

Velour Liquid Lipstick Names and Shades Mentioned:

  • Shane (The video teases this as a golden brown shade with a metallic finish)

  • Ryland (Shane describes this shade as a “nude with an element of diamond-y sparkles.”)

  • I Gotta Go

  • Jeffree, What the F*ck

  • Are You Filming? (The video teases this as a darker orange-red shade)

  • Oh My God

The Velour Liquid Lipstick in “Shane”?

Andrew’s “Are you filming?” Velour Liquid Lipstick shade?

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Part One Recap: Shane Dawson is giving us an inside look at the beautiful world of Jeffree Star by immersing himself in unfamiliar territory. From flying on a private jet to greeting screaming fans, Shane’s stunned expressions throughout Part One of this series pretty much sum up how we feel about the first episode.

To recap, Jeffree brings Shane to Sacramento for his Morphe brush launch. The video features their conversations about the beauty business and clips of a slightly overwhelmed Shane. But beyond his uncertainty, self-deprecating humor, and fear of flying, it seems like something big is brewing for Shane (other than some major tea).

The viral video creator expresses reluctant interest in the beauty industry with talk about making his own eye shadow. At the Morphe store event, Shane walks through aisles filled with makeup and says, “So this is all my competition, huh?” While Shane seems unsure of his entrepreneurship ability, something tells us that if he drops a palette to his 22 million subscribers, it might break the beauty world.

All Shane really needs is an ego boost, and who better to give him the push he needs than the queen of confidence, Jeffree Star. Toward the end of the episode, Jeffree makes an announcement to his fans saying, “In the future, you guys will finally get a Shane Dawson eye shadow palette.” And if we know Jeffree like we think we know Jeffree, he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep.

While we can hardly contain our excitement, we have several questions mainly, how soon in the future can we expect this mystery palette? For now, we’ll just hang on to the dramatic teaser for Part Two, which appears to highlight Jeffree “pulling the curtain off” what really goes into creating makeup.

In the words of the unapologetic guru, you “better buckle in,” it’s going to be a wild ride.

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