New York's New Nail Bars


New York City was the first place to introduce blow dry bars, and now it seems nail bars are the next big thing. With huge chain stores Sephora and Duane Reade introducing nail bars in two of their biggest locations (Sephora in Times Square and Duane Reade's new store on Wall St) the trend is bound to catch on in the rest of the country. New York is crawling with nail salons (there's almost one on every corner) so it was only a matter of time that bigger stores like Sephora introduced their own. The bar in the Times Square store is small however, with a station that only fits two people at a time and services available after 11:30am. Prices are right, with basic manicures starting at $20 and a wide array of colors to choose from (you can even pick Dior!). Duane Reade's new location boasts itself to be the biggest store ever, and at 20,000 square feet it really is huge. The super drugstore features a nail bar and blow dry station, both of which are clean, well-lit and set away from the rest of the store, so you're not getting a mani amongst the groceries. The nail bar itself is very pretty (image above), with a chandelier and low lighting that creates a little more ambiance than one would expect in a Duane Reade. And the price is incredible: only $10 for a manicure that lasts around 20 minutes. So if you happen to be down in Wall Street and need a quick nail service, definitely check out the Duane Reade.