NYC Spring Trend Preview Highlights 


We hosted our third and final 2011 Spring Trend Preview in New York City on April 9th. Here, some lovely Beauties reveal the highlights from that special night. It was such a blast to meet new and old faces for a night of cupcakes and cocktails. Check out our Beautylish NYC Spring Trend Preview Recap & Photos  and see who our fantastic hosts and sponsors were. 

We also filmed a virtual tour of NYC Spring Trend Preview, so take a look at what beauty bloggers, vloggers, and celebrity makeup artists were saying about us!

See what our lovely Beauties had to say about Beautylish and the Spring Preview (click on the images to be directed to their video or blog post)!

Video Coverage 2011 Beautylish NYC Spring Trend Preview

Name: Wafi 

Beautylish Profile: waffleszrus

"Over the weekend I got the opportunity to go to a really great event for a company called Beautylish. Beautylish is a website where gurus and bloggers can come together in one huge's a really great interactive site for any beauty lover."

Name: Brooke S.

Beautylish Profile: sayanythingbr00ke

"What I think of Beautylish as is basically social media site completely surrounded by beauty... I really like that it brings together the big, the small, and everything inbetween of beauty. The swag bag was to die for!"

Name: Naomi G.

Beautylish Profilenayyohme

"It was an amazing event! I met so many gurus like Petrilude, QueenofBlending, AllThingsFabulous101, and the beautiful JulieG713."

Name: Cydia N.

Beautylish Profile: cydangie

"It was so much fun! It was really nice meeting everyone. Not only did they invite us to the event, they had cocktails, snacks, and a big goodie bag!"

Blog COVERAGE 2011 Beautylish NYC Spring Trend Preview

Name: Kris W.

Beautylish Profile: NeutraKris

"I was honored to have been invited along with popular YouTube gurus and Beauty Bloggers from across the country.While introducing ourselves to other guests and industry professionals, we had the luxury of enjoying delicious cocktails, delectable h'orderves and I mustn't leave out the scrumptious cupcakes!"

Name: Angela M.

Beautylish Profile: prettiedup

"The lovely team at held a spring trend preview event last night in NYC to welcome their new beauty director, Ning Chao. I was so honored to be invited to the event, which was held at the uber swanky Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo and featured makeovers, flowing cocktails, delicious h'ors doeuvres and of course, beauty products galore."

Name: Luna V.

Beautylish Profile: queenciada

"I was thrilled to receive an invitation to view demos of the latest Spring make-up and hair trends as well as welcome Beautylish’s new Beauty Director, Ning Chao. The set-up was chic, elegant, and understated, perfect for showcasing the products and trends (and beautiful people!) we would be viewing that evening."

Name: Cat L.

Beautylish Profile: misscatlo

"I was lucky to be invited to the Beautylish Spring Preview event! It was great meeting new Youtube gurus, bloggers, makeup artists and sharing their love for beauty and makeup. Wonderful time!"

Image courtesy of Jashim Jalal Photography