Make Up For Ever’s Elusive Lash Fibers: Worth The Hunt


There’s all this talk about how Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers are one of the best lash products on the market. And I spent forever just wishing I could find them! Every time I’d go to Sephora (the exclusive retailer of the product), I’d just get a pitiful look and a pat on the shoulder from a salesperson and a “Sold out, better luck next time.” The product always seemed to be sold out online, too.

So, I went straight to the source—MUFE educator Jessie Powers. Powers gave me some more info on just what makes the fibers so great, and helped me get my hands on a tube (and she also offered some ideas for the searchers out there!).

What is this much-obsessed-over product, anyway? “It’s essentially a fiber-enriched primer that contains Nylon 6, which coats lashes to add length and volume,” says Powers. “We use a specific nylon that’s different from some of the similar products on the market, which helps make it more effective.” And the cult status? “It’s truly come from word of mouth,” Powers explains.

If you can’t get the product at Sephora, you can set an email reminder to notify you the minute they’re restocked. Powers also notes MUFE does carry the Lash Fibers in its own boutiques in New York, California, and Texas (see a full list of stores here). You can also order directly from MUFE’s New York studio (call 877-757-7157).

When we finally got our hands on a tube, we quickly understood what all the buzz is about. The product is magic in a bottle. It not only makes lashes look fuller and longer almost instantly, but also very easily. Application couldn’t be more simple: the product looks similar to regular mascara, with a curved brush. You swipe on the Fibers from the root to the tip of the lash, both top and bottom. Then, add a coat of your favorite mascara to make lashes really pop. (For more detailed instructions, check out our guide to applying Lash Fibers here).

Have you been able to find a tube? Let us know how you scored it—and what you think!

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