Splurge or Save: Clarisonic Mia and Olay Pro X


I'd heard so much about cleansing brushes, that I thought it was time to give them a try. The Clarisonic was the first on my radar. The Mia (it's the smallest of the bunch) oscillates at a sonic frequency that produces more than 300 movements per second (it moves really, really fast!) and creates a flexing action between the outer and inner brushes to remove dirt and oil and cleanse more effectively than your fingers can. (Admit it: your digits can't do 300 movements per second, can they?.) Clinical results have proven that the Clarisonic removes twice as much dirt as manual cleansing does.

The Mia is a little cutie comes in a variety of colors and has a nifty charger that connects to the handle magnetically. It's also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath without worrying about electrocuting yourself. I loved the large size of the brush, which felt as if my whole face was getting a workout. It wasn't as hard against my skin as I thought it would be, and the feeling was a lot like a gentle massage. And although I didn't feel a deep penetration as I cleansed, my skin certainly did feel silkier afterward.

Next up was the Olay Pro X.  At only $29 the Pro is much more affordable than the $149 Mia. As such, the tool is a lot smaller and is battery powered. The rotation device works on the same principle as the Mia, but doesn't contain inner and outer brushes. The head is a lot smaller than the Clarisonic's, and operates at a slower speed. It took a bit longer to do my whole face than with the Mia, but the price can't be beat. The Pro is also waterproof.

The verdict? I'm in love with the Mia, but if it isn't in your price range and you want to give cleansing brushes a go, the Olay Pro X is a great road to take.

Image courtesy of Clarisonic

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