The New Tattoos


Like it or not, tattoos aren’t so taboo anymore. One of the most ancient forms of body art, these permanent designs have gone through many aesthetic movements over the years. Sure, tribal, retro-American, and Asian motifs will always be popular, but a new genre of ink has emerged. One of our favorite styles is the vivid, paint-swashed floral. The scale, placement, and color palette on the rose above adds a feminine touch. Would you get a tattoo, or do you already have one? Show us your ink down below, and keep reading for more pretty tattoo trends.


Portrait-style tattoos will never go out of fashion, but men and women today are taking more design inspiration from fine art. Whether neoclassical art or Baroque ornamentation, these historical artistic references are still beautifully relevant today. We especially love this turn-of-the-century shoulder piece, originally painted by Czech painter Alphonse Mucha. The dynamic lines and breathtaking colors of the iconic art nouveau movement come alive.

image courtesy of Don Pilla via flickrABSTRACT GEOMETRY

The geometric possibilities are endless for tattoo art. This design fuses powerfully vibrant shading techniques with a patterned graphic circular overlay. She balances the complex colors with strong line drawing and lots of white space.

image courtesy of SHCH Graphics GroupINTRICATE TYPOGRAPHY

Words and letters have transformed into their own art form. While we love the Gothic black letter typography of the past, we can’t help but fall in love with its aesthetically futuristic interpretation. The ornate patterning on this particular tattoo spells out a letter, can you guess which one?


Birds have kept their time in the spotlight (Orly Birds of a Feather Collection, anyone?), and they’re still a powerfully symbolic tattoo motif. Many opt for simple avian silhouettes on the back of the neck, on the wrist, or behind the ears, while those bolder might simulate wings on their shoulder blades. Use your ink to take flight!


The color-wheel tattoo trend emerged for the ultra art- and design-obsessed—you know, the one who can describe every color in specifics you haven’t even thought of. So it’s fitting that the color crazed want the full spectrum on themselves instead of on paper. Full disclosure: The tattoo on the right is actually temporary! Try the faux style from before you commit to the ink.