City Inspiration: Sydney


In a place where beautiful beaches reign supreme, it's no wonder an Australian girl's favorite thing to do is be out in the sun. This week, Beautylish travels (virtually) across the globe to take a look at Aussie beauty routines.

golden glow

A bronzed skin tone is an Australian girl's beauty baseline, but it isn't always found just from lying on the beach. Aussie girls are very careful to apply a ton of SPF as the sun's harmful UV rays are especially strong when you're south of the equator. Apply a gradual fake tanner and plenty of bronzer over your face (and body!) for a golden glow like the one that made Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson's famous (along with her killer body). 

nude lips

With all that golden skin, a nude or neutral pout is the color down under. Worn either as a gloss or lipstick, a nude color allows your eyes to become the main makeup focus when you're getting dolled up for a night out. 

shiny hair

With all that wind, surf and sun it can be tough to battle the elements and come out looking like a goddess. Which is why leave-in conditioner and hair treatments are essential. Spritz in a leave-in conditioner after swimming to maintain healthy, shiny hair

beach body

Smooth, exfoliated skin is the most important base for a glowing tan (either real or fake) and all that sand makes it easy to keep your skin soft. Use a body scrub weekly to slough off dead skin cells and your tan even.