Beauty Mood Board: Wicked Beauty


Did you know beautiful evils were lurking in your garden? After reading Amy Stewart's fascinating novel Wicked Plants, we discovered the dark side of botany. These botanical rogues, as Amy calls them, are sumptuous, dark, and definitely appropriate for the Halloween season—one flower is even named after a bat! Picture a lush, moonlit scene filled with shades of burgundy and black contrasted against overgrown foliage. A mysterious glow shines on a haunted garden, casting a luminescent haze—it's the perfect inspiration for macabre makeup! To translate the look on the face, give texture and sheen to a burgundy eye (like Beauty Lucia I.'s above) with a touch of gloss on the center of the lid, or dab your inner corners with a crisp matte green for a modern take on a Gothic-inspired eye. Channel your inner garden nymph with silvery skin and ran-in-the-bushes hair. This month, we're allowed to embrace the darker side of beauty, so look for sinister inspiration growing right in your own backyard.

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