Summer Body Essentials: All-Natural Wax


Hands up if you actually enjoy waxing! No one? We’re not surprised. Hair removal can be painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. And while there are plenty of hair-be-gone options (removal creams, lasers, waxing, and the good ol’ razor) finding something that works and is good for your body is little short of a miracle. However, we’ve found one brand that delivers two excellent alternatives.

Gigi Mini Pro Kit comes with its own wax warmer that you plug into the wall (just like a professional!), pre-epilation cleanser, wax, and wax remover—perfect for the at-home beginner. Better yet, the Organic Milk and Honee Wax is made with natural honey and milk extract—making it super gentle and easy to use. And after you choose a product that works, the only way to make it better is through expert application. The mistake most people make is not letting the wax sit long enough, and not ripping it off hard enough. Our tip? Apply baby powder first to prevent sensitive skin from ripping, then apply your wax. Count to 10, but rip off the wax when you get to five—it will trick your brain so you don’t expect the pain. Gigi’s other formula—Soy Natural Botanical Low Temperature Hair Remover—doesn't contain wax (glyceryl rosinate, a non-wax adhesive sticks to hairs), and is formulated with botanicals and soy derivatives (which are extremely anti-inflammatory), so you end up with less redness and smoother skin. A must for those with sensitive skin.

We know what we’ll be using this summer.

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