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Who doesn't love the rosy hue that appears after a brisk winter walk? Peppy, flushed cheeks look even better when layered with sculpted cheekbones. While summer is the ideal season for a sun-kissed complexion, the colder months are perfect for experimenting with a contoured pink cheek. We've put together a list of our Top 3 blush and bronzer duos—perfect for creating this winter wonderland effect.

1 NYX Bronzer and Blush Combo

These jumbo palettes come in many different tones, so there's a perfect hue for every complexion. The large size makes application easy (you can even use your fingers), and the pigment isn't too strong, so it’s perfect for layering. To prevent over-application, sweep your bronzer from your hairline towards the hollow of your cheek—just remember to blend well, so you don’t end up with dirty-looking sideburns!

2 Smashbox Cream Cheek Trio

For those Beauties that prefer a cream formula, this three-sectioned tub contains a concealer, bronzer, and a blush. We love how easy it is to blend each tone, and a creamy bronzer means that emphasizing cheekbones is easier than ever! Just be sure to tap on your bronzer rather than rubbing it in for a more natural effect. A lighter tapping motion ensures that you don’t rub your bronzer too far down your cheek!

3 Physicians Formula Mood Boosting Bronzer & Blush

Not only does this powder glide on easily, the blush is in the shape of a heart—too cute! True to its name, this silky smooth palette contains feel-good extracts of arctic rose, fresh violets, and citrus. These natural ingredients not only give off a beautiful aroma, they’ve been clinically proven to improve your mood as well.

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