Splurge or Save: Lash Growth Serums


We all want longer, thicker lashes, and there are more and more lash growth serums are appearing on the market. Beautylish tried two different products to see whether it's worth spending a lot, or just a little, to get standout natural lashes.


Tara says:
I’ve always been a little skeptical of products that are supposed to make parts of your body grow faster or stronger, as they seem a little scary. However, I’ve always loved long, fluttery lashes and it’s all in the name of beauty, right? I decided to begin with the cheapest product because really, who doesn't like a miracle for a bargain? The Rimmel serum was very gooey, and my lashes felt wet when I first applied it. The wetness didn’t settle down for about an hour, and unfortunately I couldn’t apply mascara over it (mine didn’t really stick). After a week I hadn't noticed a difference, and after two there was a slight improvement in length but not volume. When three weeks were up, I noticed only the smallest amount of growth.

Ning says:
The Makeup Mandy LAshX Pro/Line are the only ones I've ever used that didn't make my eyes red and my eyelids swell. They contain peptides instead of steroids, so the lashes you grow won't fall out after you stop using the product. These liners also come in three different colors, so they function as makeup and encourage lash growth. I love that the formula is propylene glycol-free, which means it won’t dissolve the glue in lash extensions. This is the only lash growth formula out there that's lash extension safe. It also makes each hair stay in the growth stage longer, so it doesn't fall out as fast—which means I need fewer extension touch-ups (and save time and money!). After two weeks of use, I thought I noticed that my lashes were longer, but after three weeks I was positive. After a lash extension mishap, I removed all the extensions and my damaged upper lashes were shorter than the ones below my eyes. After week three, those top lashes were longer again.

Final verdict:
There was a huge difference in growth between the Makeup Mandy LAshX Pro/Line and the Rimmel London Accelerating Growth Serum. If you're looking for genuine results, it's sometimes better to spend the extra money to achieve something big.

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