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I own quite a few MUA products, mostly eye shadows, but shade 12 is probably my favourite, I have heard that it's a dupe of Club by MAC, but I'm not sure, hell if I can get a dupe for £1 I will stick with that. I love wearing this for a quick every day look because it blends out so beautifully. I think this is something I will buy in bulk just so I always have it in case for some insane reason MUA discontinue it or something

hmm... in the UK this is not a retractable eye-liner, I guess they changed the packaging for over here.. I LOVE the colour and pigmentation of this, it also lasts quite a while as well, which is always good, but I do find that I have to sharpen it quite often so I will probably have to be buying a new one soon. It's not lasted me half as long as my Soap & Glory eye liner

I actually really liked this, I only really use this across my nose and on my cheek area, as my pores are the biggest on my nose and my cheeks are a little dry... At first when I saw the colour I was rather dubious I mean it is rather orange, and I am rather white... but it blends in seamlessly, the only problem I have is the price, I have loved using this but it is a little expensive so I don't think I will be re-purchasing it for a while, which is a shame since I have pretty much run out.


Well as Alexa said, the scent can be nauseating, but when I use this I use about a quarter of it at a time, that way you still have the moisturising benefits but the scent is more manageable (and it lasts a little longer)

love it

I actually only have a sample size of this but I absolutely LOVE it, I love the glow it gives under my foundation, it never looks too much, even for an every day look. When I start to run out I will be buying the full size.

I like it, nice and light

I normally use GOSH x-ceptional wear in Porcelain which I love, but as we are getting into slightly warmer weather (well what we have of it in the UK) I find it a little bit heavy, so I bought this because I know it is lighter on my skin, although I have the lightest shade I do have to mix it with a bit of white foundation. The only thing I don't like about this, is that you can't get all of the product out, you think you have finished the bottle but you can actually get a few more days out of it really.

I only have 3 of these so far, so far I have only really used the Bronze which I am in love with. Not too keen on "audacious asphalt" I don't think it blends very well but I'm still working with it, and I haven't tried the Taupe yet but I do plan on at some point. I really do hope that we get the other colours in the UK because I really want to try out that Pomegranate Pink

Brilliant pigmentation but when it dries it feels sticky, not a fan but I will use it if I am wanting to do something detailed as it has brilliant application

This is fantastic if you are wanting to get a little more creative with make up, there are some FANTASTIC colours, some are a little more pigmented than others, but seriously, you can't go wrong with this, you can create SO many different looks from one palette alone :D

not great

I got this in Shy Red as I love red lipsticks but sometimes a bright red can be a little intimidating, but this was just... there was barely any colour, it was so drying on my lips, when I did get colour it was streaky.. the only good thing about it was the smell.

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