Creamy Candy Bubble Bar


Emma Rose S.

This is my favourite bubble bar from lush, it smells AMAZING! I get about 3 baths out of this although I know alot of people use the who bar at once. I have noticed when I use these bubbles bars it makes my hair softer too. BONUS!

Georgia F.

I had this for my birthday or christmas last year, and it was one of my favourite presents! I used it in a bath and it melted so nice, and mousturised VERY well.The scent was so nice and strong, not at all making me feel sick. If i could buy it again I would.

Natalie B.

I just bought one of these yesterday, I've had them before and all I can say is that I love them! It smells edible and makes so many bubbles its unreal! I love the chunks of cocoa butter (or shea butter) it has in them, it makes your skin so soft and you can smell it on you for a good while after too! If anyone knows of a body lotion they have in the same scent then please let me know!

Nicole F.

The scent is VERY heavy. I try to not use it all the time. But it's a great product and I love it.Fun and cute and really moisturizes your skin. DO NOT.. I REPEAT..DO NOT USE during the will dry your skin out

Alexa D.
creamy and cute

Heavy scent can be nauseating, so only use half at a time. I love the chunks of cocoa butter that coat your skin in the tub! So creamy, and turns the bath a frothy got pink. Fun and cute, but really moisturizes your skin. i do not recommend using this product during the winter if you have dry skin because of the heavy scent, it irritated my skin under my eyes!

Victoria R.

Well as Alexa said, the scent can be nauseating, but when I use this I use about a quarter of it at a time, that way you still have the moisturising benefits but the scent is more manageable (and it lasts a little longer)